Thursday, January 10, 2013

Apparently People's Choice Awards Still Exist - Here Are The Winners

I love how they have a category for favorite fan club fans.

Favorite Movie
WINNER: "The Hunger Games"
» "The Amazing Spider-Man"
» "The Avengers"
» "The Dark Knight Rises"
» "Snow White and the Huntsman"
Favorite Movie Actor
WINNER: Robert Downey, Jr.
» Channing Tatum
» Johnny Depp
» Joseph Gordon-Levitt
» Will Smith
Favorite Movie Actress
WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence
» Anne Hathaway
» Emma Stone
» Mila Kunis
» Scarlett Johansson
Favorite Movie Icon
WINNER: Meryl Streep
» Emma Thompson
» Maggie Smith
» Michelle Pfeiffer
» Susan Sarandon
Favorite Action Movie
WINNER: "The Hunger Games"
» "The Amazing Spider-Man"
» "The Avengers"
» "The Dark Knight Rises"
» "Men In Black 3"
Favorite Action Movie Star
WINNER: Chris Hemsworth
» Chris Evans
» Christian Bale
» Robert Downey, Jr.
» Will Smith
Favorite Face Of Heroism
WINNER: Jennifer Lawrence - "The Hunger Games"
» Anne Hathaway - "The Dark Knight Rises"
» Emma Stone - "The Amazing Spider-Man"
» Kristen Stewart - "Snow White and the Huntsman"
» Scarlett Johansson - "The Avengers"
Favorite Comedic Movie
» "21 Jump Street"
» "Dark Shadows"
» "Pitch Perfect"
» "What to Expect When You're Expecting"
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
WINNER: Adam Sandler
» Ben Stiller
» Channing Tatum
» Will Ferrell
» Zach Galifianakis
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress
WINNER: Jennifer Aniston
» Cameron Diaz
» Emily Blunt
» Mila Kunis
» Reese Witherspoon
Favorite Dramatic Movie
WINNER: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
» "Argo"
» "The Lucky One"
» "Magic Mike"
» "The Vow"
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor
WINNER: Zac Efron
» Bradley Cooper
» Channing Tatum
» Jake Gyllenhaal
» Liam Neeson
Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress
WINNER: Emma Watson
» Charlize Theron
» Keira Knightley
» Meryl Streep
» Rachel McAdams
Favorite Movie Franchise
WINNER: "The Hunger Games"
» "The Avengers"
» "The Dark Knight"
» "Madagascar"
» "Spider-Man"
Favorite Movie Superhero
WINNER: Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man
» Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
» Chris Evans as Captain America
» Chris Hemsworth as Thor
» Christian Bale as Batman
Favorite On-Screen Chemistry
WINNER: Jennifer / Josh / Liam - "The Hunger Games"
» Emma / Andrew - "The Amazing Spider-Man"
» Kristen / Chris - "Snow White and the Huntsman"
» Rachel / Channing - "The Vow"
» Scarlett / Jeremy - "The Avengers"
Favorite Movie Fan Following
WINNER: Twihards - "Twilight"
» Potterheads - "Harry Potter"
» Ringers - "The Lord of the Rings"
» Rum Runners - "Pirates of the Caribbean"
» Tributes - "The Hunger Games"
Favorite Network TV Comedy
WINNER: "The Big Bang Theory"
» "Glee"
» "How I Met Your Mother"
» "Modern Family"
» "New Girl"
Favorite Network TV Drama
WINNER: "Grey's Anatomy"
» "Gossip Girl"
» "Grimm"
» "Once Upon a Time"
» "Revenge"
Favorite Cable TV Comedy
WINNER: "Awkward"
» "Hot In Cleveland"
» "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
» "Melissa & Joey"
» "Psych"
Favorite Cable TV Drama
WINNER: "Leverage"
» "Burn Notice"
» "Pretty Little Liars"
» "The Walking Dead"
» "White Collar"
Favorite Premium Cable TV Show
WINNER: "True Blood"
» "Dexter"
» "Game of Thrones"
» "Homeland"
» "Spartacus"
Favorite TV Crime Drama
WINNER: "Castle"
» "Bones"
» "Criminal Minds"
» "CSI"
» "NCIS"
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show
WINNER: "Supernatural"
» "Doctor Who"
» "Once Upon a Time"
» "The Vampire Diaries"
» "The Walking Dead"
Favorite Comedic TV Actor
WINNER: Chris Colfer
» Jesse Tyler Ferguson
» Jim Parsons
» Neil Patrick Harris
» Ty Burrell
Favorite Comedic TV Actress
WINNER: Lea Michele
» Jane Lynch
» Kaley Cuoco
» Sofia Vergara
» Zooey Deschanel
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
WINNER: Nathan Fillion
» Ian Somerhalder
» Jared Padalecki
» Jensen Ackles
» Paul Wesley
Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
WINNER: Ellen Pompeo
» Emily Deschanel
» Ginnifer Goodwin
» Nina Dobrev
» Stana Katic
Favorite Daytime TV Host
WINNER: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
» "Good Morning America"
» "Live with Kelly & Michael"
» "Today"
» "The View"
Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
WINNER: Jimmy Fallon
» Chelsea Handler
» Conan O'Brien
» David Letterman
» Jimmy Kimmel
Favorite New Talk Show Host
WINNER: Steve Harvey
» Jeff Probst
» Katie Couric
» Michael Strahan
» Ricki Lake
Favorite Competition TV Show
WINNER: "The X Factor"
» "America's Got Talent"
» "American Idol"
» "Dancing with the Stars"
» "The Voice"
Favorite Celebrity Judge
WINNER: Demi Lovato
» Adam Levine
» Britney Spears
» Christina Aguilera
» Jennifer Lopez
Favorite TV Fan Following
WINNER: SPNFamily - "Supernatural"
» Gleeks - "Glee"
» Little Liars - "Pretty Little Liars"
» Oncers - "Once Upon a Time"
» TVDFamily - "The Vampire Diaries"
Favorite New TV Comedy
WINNER: "The New Normal"
» "Go On"
» "Guys With Kids"
» "The Mindy Project"
» "The Neighbors"
Favorite New TV Drama
WINNER: "Beauty & The Beast"
» "Arrow"
» "Elementary"
» "Nashville"
» "Revolution"
Favorite Male Artist
WINNER: Jason Mraz
» Blake Shelton
» Chris Brown
» Justin Bieber
» Usher
Favorite Female Artist
WINNER: Katy Perry
» Adele
» Carrie Underwood
» P!nk
» Taylor Swift
Favorite Pop Artist
WINNER: Katy Perry
» Adele
» Demi Lovato
» Justin Bieber
» P!nk
Favorite Hip Hop Artist
WINNER: Nicki Minaj
» Drake
» Flo Rida
» Jay-Z
» Pitbull
Favorite R&B Artist
WINNER: Rihanna
» Alicia Keys
» Beyoncé
» Bruno Mars
» Usher
Favorite Band
WINNER: Maroon 5
» Green Day
» Linkin Park
» No Doubt
» Train
Favorite Country Artist
WINNER: Taylor Swift
» Blake Shelton
» Carrie Underwood
» Jason Aldean
» Tim McGraw
Favorite Breakout Artist
WINNER: The Wanted
» Carly Rae Jepsen
» Fun.
» Gotye
» One Direction
Favorite Song
WINNER: "What Makes You Beautiful" - One Direction
» "Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen
» "One More Night" - Maroon 5
» "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - Taylor Swift
» "We Are Young" - Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe
Favorite Album
WINNER: Up All Night - One Direction
» Believe - Justin Bieber
» Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
» Overexposed - Maroon 5
» Some Nights - Fun.
Favorite Music Video
WINNER: "Part of Me" - Katy Perry
» "Boyfriend" - Justin Bieber
» "Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen
» "Gangnam Style" - Psy
» "Payphone" - Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa
Favorite Music Fan Following
WINNER: KatyCats - Katy Perry
» Beliebers - Justin Bieber
» Directioners - One Direction
» Lovatics - Demi Lovato
»Selenators - Selena Gomez


Me said...

How does Jennifer Aniston win best comedic actress????

Agent**It said...

Kaley / Penny looked beautiful in the pictures on line.

LottaColada said...

I had a good laugh reading some of these. I'm shocked Magic Mike was snubbed by the Academy considering it's a "dramatic movie."

C. Malone said...

What was with the ass kissing speech from Xtina? That was the most cringe worthy thing to watch!

*karen* said...

I cannot believe that Chris Colfer/Lea Michelle won for Comedic TV Actor/Actress. I could be biased because I can't stand Lea Michelle, but look at who Colfer was up against! Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Jim Parsons/NPH/Ty Burrell are all much funnier.

Henriette said...

How did Supernatural beat The Walking Dead? No one watches it and it's a fake X-Files. Heck the creator even admits he ripped off Chris Carter! People actually watch The Walking Dead. This is all a big joke.

rejectedcarebear said...

These are the awards that really matter.

FSP said...

Enough categories?

dee123 said...

Who cares about this crap. The Oscar noms are FAR more interesting. SO many left out of Best Director field. Biggest shock in years. I'd love to know the back story as to why.

Patty Mayonnaise said...

When did Rihanna become a r&b artist? Lol she's more pop. Thank God Justin Bieber didnt win anything!

KPeony said...

Favorite music fan group? Katykats? Sadly the other choices arent any better. I want to quit this planet.

LottaColada said...

I also find it really funny that Justin Bieber didn't win anything since you could vote for the winners online. Maybe enty is right about his star fading right before our eyes.

Renoblondee said...

So Twilight got shut out huh? Weird. Doesn't it usually take all these "choice" awards?
Glad Brown and Bieber didn't win.
Go Katy Perry!

Renoblondee said...

Oh, and Favorite Judge was Demi? Huh?

Jenny Divine said...

Jason Mraz favorite male artist? Wait, are we in 2011 ????

Cecilia00 said...

Shut out for The Biebs! Yay!

Lola said...

Doctor Who lost and Nick Minaj won? The PCA are dead to me.

Jessi said...

So apparently the average age of the "people" voting is 18 and are stuck in 2009!

Maja With a J said...

That's a long-ass list.

I watched a few minutes of the show, the dog-shaming part. I thought it was pretty funny. "Let's leave public shaming where it belongs - with the Kardashians".

Sherry said...

Where was this poll taken? None of this makes sense save for the Twilight and Beiber Shut outs. Never heard of "Supernatural". And how did Jason Mraz win? Did he even have a song released this year? Weird. Just weird.

Seachica said...

Jessi - I think you're overestimating it. I doubt anyone over the age of 16 voted.

Belle said...

Saw the mind blowing (not in a good way) kiss ass speech from Christina. Yikes. If ever there was a doubt that that blind reveal was made-up that was exhibit A.
Did anyone notice that Liam Hemsworth kept his left hand in his pocket the entire time he was on stage with the other members of the Hunger Games cast? To me it seemed he was forcing it to stay out of sight.

StewMcG said...

For those wondering, Jason Mraz released a CD in January '12 and "I Won't Give Up on Love" received quite a bit of radio play. I saw him with my 16 year old this past summer and I've gotta say the man puts on a pretty good concert. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Renoblondee said...

@Sherry Jason had a massive hit single this past year called "I won't give up".

Selock said...

Great, now I feel horribly guilty for looking down on the People and their Choices.

Oryx said...

How much money did Aniston's PR pay for this?

seaward said...

For those questioning how Supernatural won: Their fans are infuckingsane. You have no idea. I like the show, but holy fuck SPN fans are nuts. And enough people watch it to have saved it from the Friday night death slot.

Hollyweird said...

Wow the biebs didn't win shit! Bye bye little brat! Also - best dramatic actor Zac Efron: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

LottaColada said...

For those of us who didn't watch, can someone explain what Christina did? Was she drunk?

Cee Kay said...

I cannot for the life of me comprehend why Ted did as well as it did. It was funny for a total of about 10 minutes.

Land Manatee said...

Congrats to 'The Wanted'!! I LOVE them! :)

Anna Namiss said...

WooHoo! Viva Le RDJ!

Sherry said...

I'm with Lotta: What happened in the Christina speech. Also why would Liam leave his hand in his pocket? If he was married couldn't he have just taken it off before going on stage?

Thanks for the info on the song Reno. Must not have rotation on the station I listen to.

Freckles said...

Just because you don't watch it doesn't mean no one does!!! Isn't people choice awards the peoples choice???

FrenchGirl said...

Christian Bale deserved to win BEST SUPERHERO because of his Aurora visit

FrenchGirl said...

Jenniston won??? comedic actress???? LOL it's a joke

All about Eve said...

@Henriette, I like Supernatural better than Walking Dead, it's all a matter of different taste.

chopchop said...

Don't they hand these awards to whoever agrees to show up?

Andy said...

Fucking hell I'm nearly blind. God I hate the layout and color misuse on this site.

Kloie said...

Is this that Nickelodeon awards show? If not, it sure reads like it.

Belle said...

@Sherry and @Lotta - Christina took the first half of her speech to say the typical thanks to the fans. The last half was all about how brilliant Mark Burnett was. How she couldn't imagine life without him. Here's a video of it. FF to the 1:20 mark for the part about Burnett:

Mango said...

I saw the first 20-30 minutes. Taylor Swift might be bat shit crazy but she looked gorgeous in a long, tailored, cream colored gown that didn't have the usual frills she's known for.

nettalovesrobin said...

I agree with @Patty, rhianna is a pop star.

lilo723 said...

These awards are a joke. Zac Efron winning favorite dramatic actor. HAHAHA! The other nominees were pretty laughable, too.

Jenn said...

I watch Supernatural. Like it more than Walking Dead. I'm people.

Jenn said...

I like the People's Choice awards, they're fun. People get all ticked about them.

Violet E said...

How did Greys Anatomy win anything? That show hasn't been relevant in 5 years. And I've never even heard of Leverage...

Ms Evans said...

Love! Love! Loveeeeeee, Supernatural!!!!!!!!!

Ms Evans said...

Love! Love! Loveeeeeee, Supernatural!!!!!!!!!