Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ellen & The Latest Taylor Swift Prank

There are no shortages of pranks on the internet that use Taylor Swift lyrics as their foundation. Ellen just seems to do them better.


crila16 said...

Too funny.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Amy is one of Ellen's writers and is on her show quite a bit. She's hilarious. Usually, the people act like she's a loon, but on a couple of occasions some old creepster has actually believed she was hitting on them. :)

Another funny one she's done is they have her pretend to be injured/pregnant to see if randome people will come help in whatever dilemma they've set up. If they help, Ellen gives them cash.

car54 said...

They do this bit a lot--she goes to stores and talks to people speaking only in song lyrics.
I love the pranks she does where she talks into an earpiece and makes them say all kinds of crazy things.

crapbag said...

How can she do that without completely cracking up? Too funny.

misspeg86 said...

This is definitely the funniest one I've seen. Watch it people!

Renoblondee said...

Holy shit that was funny! I love the ones where she tells people what to say through a mic too. Hahaha


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