Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Photos Part Three - Cannes

Kylie Minogue

Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Sharon Stone & Jessica Chastain
Janet Jackson
Heidi Klum
Goldie Hawn
Milla Jovovich
Stacy Keibler
Rosario Dawson
Audrey Tautou from the greatest movie ever, Amelie.
Nicole Kidman
Laura & Bruce Dern


Zee Noxgoddess said...

One of my all time favorite movies, Amelie. I cry like a baby.

skimpymist said...

Was this the fame whore lineup?

Jessi said...

Oh Goldie. No No No!!!

Nicole Kidman has been killing it with her fashion this week! Work it girl!

And what is in the water that Sharon is drinking? I need some. That woman is beautiful!

And Milla, one of Top girl crushes! Love her! She too is killing it this week with her dresses!

greenmountaingal said...

I love Audrey Tautou.

WTF is Goldie Hawn wearing?! Her face is starting to scare me.

Major fail, Heidi.

Sharon Stone looks like she's scaring the bejesus out of Jessica Chastain.

Mimi said...

Amelie Poulain the greatest movie ever???
Enty is such a girl

auntliddy said...

Reminds me i want audrey's hair. Goldie!!!!! Not your best look!!!! Very norma desmond!

libby said...

Love Amelie! I am a girl too!

VeeBee said...

@greenmountaingal: ITA with everything you said. Psychic twins!

Gayeld said...

@greenmountaingal. I suspect, without the whole "veil" thing around it, Heidi's dress have actually been cool. Too bad.

Love Sharon Stone's dress. Very old Hollywood.

TotallyDistracted said...

My 2 cents:
Sharon Stone=Fabulous
Jessica Chastain=Never pose next to SS again. You look like a red dwarf.
Heidi=Wearing grandma's kitchen curtains for a skirt.
Goldie=50 yards of bright fabric to hide behind still doesn't work.
Milla, Stacy, Rosario, Audrey=Well done and having fun.
Nicole=Grandma's going to the ball.
Laura and Dad=Looking fab.

Single Man in Love with Love said...

Guy here...and big fan of Amelie. I use to put it on when the ladies would come over to "watch a movie" and it worked every time.

Betsy said...

I am unsure why Heidi would go out wearing a gilded vagina for a dress.

YoMismo-RememberKermitGosnell said...

Sharon Stone is just 5'8 (1.70 metres). Is Jessica Chastain Snooki's height?

In what multiverse is Amelie "the greatest movie ever"? You must be trolling hard.

Frufra said...

I think Chastain looks the best I've ever seen her here. That is definitely the hairstyle she should stick with. And Betsy, you are spot on there in your assessment of Heidi's dress. Y'all leave Goldie alone! She wears whatever she feels like and is fabulous and lovin' life. And I totally don't say that because I wear whatever I feel like, even when people make faces :-).

ureallyannoyme said...

Laura Dern is my least favorite graduate from the School of Breathing Hard and Fast = Acting.

And sorry, but I think Nicole looks awful. That color washes her out, and the style doesn't do anything to enhance her figure. Granny has doughy arms, too.

What's up with Rosario's white shoes?

Let_Love_Rule said...

It looks like it was one of Diddy's "white partys" only some people didn't get the memo and wore dresses that weren't white. I wonder if that was a cool kids thing?

Count Jerkula said...




califblondy said...

Bruce Dern wow, I loved him in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte when I was little.

Goldie, from one blonde to another, yellow is not our color.

Sharon Stone looks gorgeous.

Why isn't Keith groping Nicole? Or the more important question is why isn't he groping me?

f281561 said...

That made me laugh. Thanks for the comment it brightened up my crappy day!

f281561 said...

Sharon is one of my hubbie's oldie but goodbye tickets. She looks good. I wonder if its because while she has had work she has stayed away from the fillers. I don't think faces recover well from fillers.

Turkish Taffy said...

My daughter LOVES that movie "Amelie".

f281561 said...

It's a good one!

Amy said...

The photo of Sharon Stone gave me the strangest vibe -- like I just flashed on how she's been dieting and tanning and dieting and preening and just LIVING for months and months with the single focus of making appearances at Cannes.

T. E. Cuz said...

rosie and rosario are wearing the same shoes. rosie actually looks slightly attractive here.

Jessie said...

Milla looks beautiful!

I love Amelie too. But I love her hair in Hord de Prix moreso than when it's short

Jessie said...

Hors even...

bunny honey said...

I think all the ladies look great! Keep it up ladies!

AnneBolyen said...

Has Nicole had a boob job?

Ja'mie King said...

I too love Bruce Dern, I've only seen Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte once and didn't realize he was in it. I do so enjoy him in The Burbs tho!

TuesdayAdams said...

Janet is so gorg it's unfair.

SnowCherries said...

Amelie is one of my top three favorites. Such a beautiful movie.

SnowCherries said...

Amelie is one of my top three favorites. Such a beautiful movie.

PugsterMom said...

Can't stand Heidi. In Hebrew the word Klum means NOTHING. And that's what I think of her.

NaughtyNurse said...

Jessica Chastain looks positively horrified to have Sharon Stone in the same vicinity.

Erik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Massive G said...

Bet Bruce Dern is banging his ugly daughter

Snootches said...

Chastain is bah-whoring as fuck! And I second the Heidi's dress looks like a vagina comment, although instead of guilded I would've said "vanilla vagina". Oh, and how could I forget Goldie Hawn and that god awful drape she dusted off from 1970. ...the fuckity fuck

Massive G said...

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KPeony said...

Someone needs a snickers

Massive G said...

I need a Blowjob

Anna Namis said...

wow.. that's all I can say is wow..... laughing too.... some people are so Don't forget Enty, "you're a fiend and a coward and you have toe jam".. rolling on the funny. But isn't having toe jam the worst of those crimes?

Ruby Soho said...

I hate toe jam

Count Jerkula said...

@Massive: You high on blow or meth? If meth, what kinda prices they got in LA?

All about Eve said...

Best rant ever!!! I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!!!!

SophiaB said...

Oh yeah. Absolutely. I don't think there's anything left on her that hasn't been plasticized. Yuck.

And I think Milla looks HORRIBLE. Wrong color, bad hairdo & make-up, awful dress. Yuuuuuuuuck.

And yes, Chastain must never stand near Stone. She almost got the fashion win from me but this photo killed her chances. Done. Just done.

I kind of love Rosario. She has hung in there through thin times, showing up at the opening of an envelope, and is now working regularly again. And through it all she has kept the happy face and the light still shines through. The fact that she is so beautiful and is really talented helps. That dress, sadly, does her no favors. She should wear the kind of colors that Freida Pinto rocks.

I am at least somewhat admiring some of the dresses. But Heidi Klum needs to take a really long sabbatical because her face is next to the word overexposed in the dictionary and I am ready to coordinate a public stoning for that clueless, ignorant slut.

SophiaB said...

The smile on Sharon's face would scare me shitless. Jessica is so small she looks like a yummy snack to Sharon.

Count Jerkula said...

"Massive G
The man you live to hate
But after he fucks your crusty cunt
Your period will be late"

This was a good verse, but I'm thinking the last line would be better w/o the "will" so just "Your period be late." That's how I'm reading it anyway.

Carry on.

SophiaB said...

I think I saw it three times in the theatre when it first came out. Everyone fell in love with Audrey that year.. sad her career did not fly any higher though she is hardly a one hit wonder.

SnowCherry I love your name. Makes me think beaitiful thoughts. White and cherry red are a favorite color combo. Thanks for thinking of it for me :)

SophiaB said...

I am thinking a massive med fail.

SophiaB said...

Why is Stacy there and what happened to her face??!! The dress is way overkill though she is pulling it off. She has come a long way from Oscar Barbie I must admit. But she has no taste and will likely fade almost as quickly as Elizabetta. She & George are clearly on the skids. As it is written.

SophiaB said...

I like Audrey's hair short like this. That dress is so cute but the upper part is just not flattering to her. The skirt part is fabulous. Aaaaand I would choose a gem color, maybe garnet, to really flatter her skin color. Sooo close!

SophiaB said...

Count, you are tough enuf to read that stuff, are you Superman? Maaaaaarrrrrrryyyyy meeeeeee! I am learning to leao over MG's malignant meanderings and here you are giving pointers. I love you so!

bink said...

Sharon Stone has weird boobs.

Count Jerkula said...

@SophiaB: Height and location, please.

There is a chance I am e-married, but I can try to negotiate an open relationship. Anyone know if polygamy is legal on the interwebs?

Mari said...

Soldier's way; Saves the day!
That's one of my top ten fave movies ever!

TeacherNan said...

Count, all's fair on the web. I must admit I had to chuckle and agree with a few remarks from "G", but won't say which ones...

Anothergrayhare said...

Well is certainly appears that Massive G is one of the more literate among (amongst?) us. Twisted, strange and scary, but either very intelligent or very good at cutting and pasting.