Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Photos Part Six

Alicia Keys helping out in the Phillipines gets the top spot.

Bill Engvall has an after practice cigar while he
chats with his dance partner.
Jack Osbourne does not look happy about it.
Valerie Harper and
Bill Nye both were spotted getting ready for the finale.
Bono and Chris Martin raise money for charity while
The Goopster makes a movie with Ewan McGregor.


TalksTooMuch said...

Yay Bill Nye!

If Jack Osbourne had glasses, he would be a dead ringer for everyone I dated in my twenties.

Renoblondee said...

DWTS went by fast!

Anna Katherine Nonymous said...

Yay Valerie Harper! I love you Roda.

Marieeee said...

Bill Nye!

I was honestly in tears when he went home (granted, I was major PMSing, but still.)

Kassandra said...

Ewan, you deserve a far better co-star than Goop. Blech.

timebob said...

translation, the goopster is fucking Ewan McGregor

Zeeky_Boogy_Doog said...

At least in that photo, Ewan and Goop aren't giving anybody any lip. Aahahahhahaha!!!

Seriously, they look like Tom, when Jerry fed him a bag of alum!

Zeeky_Boogy_Doog said...

But more important... Yay, Valerie Harper! She's so great. I never watch "Dancing with the Stars" but loved her as Rhoda... I like her even more than Mary, and I love Mary! Better apartment, awesome duds, hilarious and gorgeous.

timebob said...

I feel like @Zeeky is my retarded brother the family doesn't talk about.

Johnny said...

You are a miserable witch.