Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random Photos Part Nine - The Snow

Gwen Stefani

Denise Richards
Chelsea Handler
Kim Kardashian
Apparently Kanye West
Paris Hilton
Kourtney Kardashian (I actually like this photo)


Jessie said...

I wonder why Enty likes Kourtney so much.

TalksTooMuch said...

That's a really pretty picture of P!nk

laura ramona said...

Enty this year I am grounded home :) as I promised to clean my wicked record of party girl so chin chin ta daa! Who is drinking now hands up pls lol

Pip said...

Because Kim is a giant asshole in comparison, Jessie.

VeeBee said...

Kim looks so much like Kris in this pic it's disturbing. I don't know what filter Kourtney has going on in this photo but she looks ROUGH. Pink looks fab as usual. She exudes cool, fun, down-to-earthiness vibes.

Ella Bee said...

In what world is Kim's outfit practical for snow? Christ, she looks absolutely ridiculous.

hothotheat said...

I prefer the way Pink spends her time at a ski resort....checking her email with beer in hand.

Sophia B said...

I thought Chelsea hurt herself. How is she walking? Also, Denise? YOU need a helmet too! Is there some planet where only kids get TBI?

As a TBI survivor, still struggling to function 15 years poist-collision, I am pretty frustrated at the lack of awareness.

It is nice to see all the helmets, but that F1 race car driver in a coma was wearing a helmet, and it sure doesn't look good for him. I am praying we get through the skiing season without a death or the loss of someone's function.

I struggle with daily tasks, cognitive function, mood, and aphasia. Sometimes I speak in word salad. I am way better than I was but it is so painful to remember how fast and sharp I was. I have different coping skills, and have just simply had to shut my husband out for hours/days at a time just to settle down enough to get anything done.

Folks, be careful, wear your helmets, do not think you are immune, and if you are in even the littlest fender bender, be AWARE that TBI is CUMULATIVE, and repeated head bangs, bumps, and the like can cause brain function disruption.

I lightly bumped my head against a wall a few days ago and went cross eyedfor several hours. Iit's three steps forward, two back constantly. I will never be WELL. Just 'better', whatever that means!!

Anyway, there ya go, another one of my diatribes. If even one person gets something helpful from what I say, it will be worth annoying the rest of you.

I hope to have a blog soon, so I have somewhere to put this waterfall of words... Love!!!

versace buckles said...

Of course Kanye skis. I don't know why it cracks me up but it does.

versace buckles said...

Of course Kanye skis. I don't know why it cracks me up but it does.

Dena said...

That's the only way I hit the slopes! Better than dressing up and pretending to ski for a photo op (I'm looking at you, Kimye).

Nothanksdarlin said...

:/ I thought P!nk was sober?
I hope she's on her game. Take care of you and yours lady

meltz911 said...

Please stop with the Kuntrashions, Kuntea included. You are just playing into there media machine. That's all I want for the new year.

The Actress said...

Theyall should've chartered a flight and headed over to Aspen together - if only to save the environment from all those gas-guzzling planes ...

Gwen is the epitome of cool.