Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Reader Photos Part Six




TalksTooMuch said...

Oh my goodness the hotness that is JSierra again! And all the other lovely peeps! Hey Lucas and headrot!

Im just sayin said...

Which one is JSierra??

sandybrook said...

And there she is, #16, the best of them all this year. Says a lot because the modeling agency would hire most of y'all.

PV Siren said...

JSierra IS hawt. @JSierra do you still have that rating spreadsheet? I had saved it and went to look at it one day and it was blank :(

sandybrook said...

#5 is JSierra

Renoblondee said...

Hi J and everyone else!

Mango said...

I know #10! Woo HOO!

Lots of boobs in the pics, but thankfully no duck lips!

Bacon Ranch said...

sandy did you send in your pic?
Don't want to miss that!

Alexstrasza said...

I'm #2!

Bacon Ranch said...

Awesome achievement Alex!
Everyone looks so great.
#29, I feel ya. My pup has also had to wear the cone of shame. Such a cute doggie!

surfer said...

Bacon - that's exactly what I was thinking (cone of shame, haha).

Hi Lucas!

sandybrook said...

no Bacon tbh I don't like posing for pics and almost anything I did pose for I was shitfaced and if I wasn't I didn't smile.

Kloie said...

Hey 15 - Go Blue!

Pip said...

Go Green today! It doesn't matter if they win or lose, couches will burn in East Lansing tonight.

Dave said...

I climbed Kili in October. It nearly killed me! So a huge well done to you!!!

Alexstrasza said...

Dave - I agree, it was really tough! I climbed Kili in October as well! We summitted the morning of the 19th. When were you there? And which route did you climb?

Dave said...

I'd just come down by then. I think I summited on the 11th and climbed Lemosho route. Where in the world are you from?

OneEyeCharlie said...

@Pip You live in The Mitten?

Alexstrasza said...

Dave, we did the Lemosho route via southern circuit. I'm from Ontario, Canada. How about you?

Dave said...

Can't believe we missed each other by just a couple of days! Would've been awesome to meet another reader so far from home.

I'm from Manchester in the UK. Climbed the thing to raise money for a cancer hospital over here and we managed almost £1.2m.

I have no idea which circuit of lemosho we did! I just know it was damn tough, especially summit night with that 10pm start and -25c temperature.

Would you do it again, or something similar?

BaronessOrczy said...

Thanks @Bacon Ranch! She was just spayed. I only kept the cone on for a few days. She was a good girl and left her sutures alone.

Alexstrasza said...

Dave - that's incredible. Congratulations on raising so much money for a great cause! Haha crazy we just missed each other!

Yeah I found it really tough, hardest thing I've ever done both mentally and physically. The summit night was torture! We started at 12:30am and reached summit at 9am (we took it really slow). The hardest part for me was descending.

Umm I'm not in a hurry to do it again, but I wouldn't say never :) How about you?

Dave said...

You must've been walking faster than us! We got there about 9am and all we did on the way up was complain! "Are we nearly there yet?" "How much further?" I was ready to give up just a few hundred metres from Stella Point when my guide showed me that we could finally see the top in the newly risen sun.

Wish I could say I raised all that money myself but it's taken nearly 3 years to get that much and was a team effort from the hundreds of people involved in the Elise for Life campaign. We had groups going up all the way through October so you may well have bumped into a few of my colleagues along the way.

I would love to do it again, if only to get some better photographs and a panoramic at Uhura Peak but probably not worth risking my life again for that! Definitely going to do some more challenges for charity though. Next phase of this appeal is Challenge for Life which will raise cash for every step of the cancer journey and the charities that support it over here in the UK.

Alexstrasza said...

Oh I remember that feeling all too well, it felt like it took AGES to reach the summit. My poor husband thought that Stella Point was Uhuru peak, and started celebrating when we got there! LOL he was crushed when I told him it's another 1.5-2 hours to Uhuru Peak lol!

The view from the top really is amazing, and I loved seeing the sun rise during the climb. But yes, it's really hard on the body. I had a tough time the last few days, and then on the descent, my knee was bothering me so much that 2 of our porters actually piggy-backed me down the whole way!

That's really great all the work you're doing for the charities. Even though it took nearly 3 years to raise the money, that's a huge success! I would definitely do that climb again to be part of something like that :)

Kloie said...

Yes, East Lansing is a bastion of class. Which is why I went to school in Ann Arbor.

Jenny Ferrall said...

Love and Happy New Years wishes to you all. So proud of my future lawyer son. Just home from traveling to "DaNO" (Fresno) for New Year. My home town. My parents are getting so old and it makes me so sad. Not fair at all. Again, Happy New Year!!!! Sugar we live in the Bay Area as well...would be fun to connect in person.

TheBarberLady said...

Reader pic #20 looks like The Mona Lisa...and an itty bitty baby Mona Lisa. Very beautiful.

Jessie said...

I'm #1! I'm #1! I'm #1!

Kind of have to chant it.

shakey said...

^Yes, but No. 2 is the best, lol. (I'm not extremely biased, oh no.) TheBarberLady, I thought the (i)exact(/i) same thing!

Alexstrasza said...

Ahh hahahha :)

Blaze818 said...

#5 is omg hot. I'm in lust now