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Blind Items Revealed

December 3, 2013

This former maid to an A+ list celebrity diva/singer is selling an account of her time working for the diva. Apparently the teaser is that the diva likes to drink wine in the tub and doesn't like to disturb the drinking process so the maid had to bathe the diva every night.

Mariah Carey


Uhhhh... said...
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sugarbread maker said...

I think this was everyone guess

Sugar said...

I stopped having someone else wash me by the time I was 4 or 5. But then again, I wasn't trying to keep a glass of wine from spilling either.

Renoblondee said...

Yep. That's the good life, haha. Although in retrospect I don't think I'd want my maids hands all over me.

canadachick said...

well who doesn't like to be bathed to avoid spilling wine.

Steampunk Jazz said...

Ez Pz, but isn't that what a personal maid does? Unless you Don't want them to...

Derek Harvey said...

Your bounce to the ounce makes us want to pounce
You're just being totally perfect
On Larry King, you said you weren't tired
Time to put to bed the competitive edge

They say you can't say no to drama
Now you don't have to try so hard
The label says, "Don't have to wear less clothes"
Next time you take a bubble bath

Hey, hey little baby break down
Button up baby, you come undone
Hey, hey little baby get down
Before you fall and hurt someone

You say you need privacy
Broken glass everywhere
Maybe you need an emo boy
No underwear on the director's chair

You are seemingly unconscious
Of what your body's doing
Like Miss. Monroe, your head don't know
Exactly what your body's doing

Hey, hey little baby break down
Button up baby, you come undone
Hey, hey little baby get down
Before you fall and hurt someone

On TV, you are soft and whispery
Delicate like angel food cake
They say if you press too hard on it
It'll squish into a dense ball

It will lose its fluffiness
That's what you get when you use a boxed mix
Can you get some satisfaction?
How much are you willing to pay for?

Hey, hey little baby break down
Button up baby, you come undone
Hey, hey little baby get down
Before you fall and hurt someone

What's your gut feelin' about the new deal?
How's the label gonna remake you?
How was your date with Eminem?
Did he bake you and then forsake you?

Is innocence gonna still overtake you?
Like Arthur Doyle they can't fake you
Ah Mariah, you are endless
Like the wind, you're feeling defenseless

Read more: Sonic Youth - Mariah Carey And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Harry Knuckles said...

Not sure I believe this one simply because of the logistics. What would Mariah do, stand up in the tub with one foot up on the side, drinking her wine, while the maid soaped and rinsed in and around her labias and butt crack and inside her anus? And don't get all ewwwwwy. Everybody violates their anus when hey take a bath or shower. Some of us look foward to it.

Violet said...

If that's the teaser, the rest of the maid's account must be super dull. I love the word 'maid', i mean who actually has a member of staff these days and actually calls them that?

aemish said...

I hope compensation in her salary was appropriate.. jeesh

Violet said...

@Harry, i think you'll find 'labia' is already the plural and does not require an extra s.

aemish said...

Good point, Violet! Although, I can see Ken and Lisa Vanderpump doing it :p

sandybrook said...

I could use a job as a butler.

Leekalicious said...

It sounds as if she peed in the tub and expected the maid to give her a sponge/bed bath! She was like one of those grown-up fetish babies. That brings lazy and spoiled to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the original guesses or here today has misinterpreted this blind the way I did, so... Best left unsaid.

urban chaos said...

I just always figured she had some cute paid houseboy do stuff like this when nick wasn't around. One to feed her, one to bring her shoes, another to brush her hair, ect

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Mariah got to were she is by having sex with the head of a record label, then when he dumped her for a new model, & her CD floppped without him, she became a toy of hip hop & rappers, so they would re-mix her songs

Steampunk Jazz said...

Harry, I warned you about gerbil shaped bath soap... ;-)

auntliddy said...

Oh the maid probably washed her back or something. We all know mimis a mess.

Anonymous said...

Mariah like most female pop stars like woman, not a pretty as her to do chores or gay men...

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, Leek! That's where my mind went too!

Harry Knuckles said...

Thankyou Violet. I guess that's something that I should have already known, and not to make excuses, but a lady's "special place" has a lot of parts to remember. I'm going to study up.

Harry Knuckles said...

They're a bitch to get out, Steampunk!

Sherry said...

LOL Harry! That diagram slayed me. Yes, we've got lots of working parts. Just focus on the clitoris and the obvious one and you should be okay.

Oh Mimi..You're one lucky gal to have someone scrub all the parts so you don't spill your wine.

Leekalicious said...

@Cocoa No problem, glad to help. (Much experience with toddlers and what can happen in bathwater).

Runswithscissors said...

How is this shocking? Plays into the whole lifestyle she has made for herself: pampered an catered to. Someone is always holding her hand, purse, umbrella, etc.
she has the money for it.
If someone told you prince Charles has a butler who dresses him, would you be outraged? Probably not because he is royalty.
She drinks a lot, so? She has drivers and other minders, good for her for having others take care if her stuff, they get paid well and lives are not at risk. A lot of housewives drink too and drive the car with the kids. A lot of guys start drinking at 9am as well and go about their days, puting others in danger.

Mimi, enjoy your life, you kisses a lot of frogs for it AND have talent, want to piss away your talent? Go ahead, it's yours to throw away.

Harry Knuckles said...

Thanks for the tips, Sherry. I'll do just that!

0_0 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
0_0 said...

Anna Belle @ 0923

That was written in Enty-speak!

Anonymous said...

@0_0-Pop Diva's have a "fairest 1 of them all" complex...for their staff they hire woman not a pretty, maids tend to be homely middle aged immigrants & for glam squads they allow a few gay men

Anonymous said...

they also tend to get a power trip from making people do degrading things

Frosty said...

I dunno. Does holding your boss's head up so she doesn't drown in a drunken stupor really count as "bathing"?

Maureen said...

Exactly! At least she likes to be clean. Reading this blog I wondered if any celebs bathed or showered.

Seven of Eleven said...

I remember this one! It made me go take a hot bath, mimosa in one hand, loofah in the other. It's just laziness if you can't multi-task, chicken.

Iceberg said...

I think 90% of my friends would do this if they had the money. :)

volliger said...

Little Girl to Mommy (taking a spongebath): "Mommy, mommy, what's that?" POINTS TO MOMMY'S CROTCH.

Mommy (self-consciously): "Why, dear, it's just a sponge!"

Little Girl: "Oh, so that's what the maid was scrubbing daddy's face with."

Henriette said...

If she soaks in some of the soapy water long enough, she will get clean. She probably needed help rinsing the suds off. No surprise though considering she has people carry her around.

Alita said...


di butler said...

I've heard this tale about a lot of famous ppl. Wonder if it's an urban legend, or if a lot really do it. I hate the idea of someone bathing me. Ugh.


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