Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Harry Styles was at the Kings game last night.

So was Steven Tyler.
Jaime Alexander inserting quarters into the meter.
Johnny Depp before heading out for the night with Amber Heard. She can't see sunlight.
Jay-Z on the way out of the vegan place everyone wants to go to because
he and Beyonce started going there.
Even Hilary Duff went there last night.
Katie Holmes bringing back the 70's again in NYC.
Kate and William recreate a Di and Charles photo.


Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Johnny Depp looks like a Johnny Depp impersonator.

di butler said...

Lol. Like a greasier, lower rent Depp impersonator.

Seven of Eleven said...

Every time I go out to lunch, I always bring my iPad or my MacBook to shield my face, too. Damn paps.

Rip on Katie all you want, but at least there are no holes in her jeans.

Love the Kate/Wills/Di/Charles photo. I have an irrational love for Kate Middleton.

sandybrook said...

England's tabloids so very much want Kate to be the new Dinah they will never learn.
I wonder why Reese didn't go to the new vegan place, all the paps were there for some reason?

sandybrook said...

*DIANA* fucking spelchek POS

sandybrook said...

Steven Tyler=tool

sugarbread maker said...

who was the guy with harry,, missed that enty

Karen said...

Attn: Johnny, Madonna, Cher, et al.

We all reach an age when trying to appear young & cool by dressing young and cool only makes one seem sad and desperate. You have exceeded that age.

You're welcome.

Kristin (Wiglet) said...

@sandybrook everyone knows Reese feeds off the blood of baby tucans.


Kristin (Wiglet) said...

Wait. Which are the water fowls that carry shit in their chin? Tucan? Pelican?

FLUX! Joke ruined.

Glitter said...

Why is Katie Holmes in pics everyday? This is getting to Jessica Alba level and I am soooo grateful that she is not appearing everyday anymore.

Seachica said...

Katie Holmes is in pics everyday because if she doesn't get pap attention, the Scientologists will have her removed. She needs to stay in the spotlight to stay safe, so she calls the paps. I truly believe this 100%.

Ah, Diana in the days before she knew how to fake her feelings. The body language in that photo screams unhappiness. Glad to see William and Kate are happier.

TalksTooMuch said...

Hilary Duff looks great! Good job HD publicist, ^5!

Katie Holmes looks totally foxy there.

Stephen Tyler's face looks like unfortunately placed private parts. I totally flinched.

Count Jerkula said...

P. Holmes

M. Kate

B. Duff

headrot said...

i love katie's outfit.

so sweet/sad about the royals. cute idea i suppose. also just seems sad.

depp looks horrid.

Snapdragon said...

Fun fact: behind Steven Tyler at the game was Wil Wheaton and his wife, Anne (the blonde-ish woman directly behind Tyler). (The blond boy to her right might be one of her sons.) Wil was sitting to her left but it looks like he was gone at that moment.

Anne and Wil were both tweeting about it last night. It was pretty funny.

Jessie said...

Harry's friend is cute!

The body language between Wills and Kate is much more promising.

cornflowerbluezz said...

Okay, I had to come out of exile & post cuz today has been laughter galore at CDaN & I've needed a healthy dose of it. :D

I freaking love that photo of Katie Holmes. I busted out laughing when I saw her expression. Come on, ladies, we've ALL had those "IDGAF about anything" days. Rock on, Katie, rock on! (apropo 70s reference)

@seachica True dat on the Co$ comment. :-)

@sandyboo (if I may call you that, sir) I mean this as a compliment. You have been my one consistent constant in learning how to read postings with typos. I always know what you're saying, but it still cracks me up when you say "fucking spelchek POS". LMAO!

I'm a proofreader by trade & my eyeballs bleed when I see so many (off the clock) typos. Nowadays, tho, I think to myself "what would sandyboo say" & instant calm & a giggle come over me. Kudos, sir. :-)

@TTM Shout out to you, girl. There are so many clever posters who make me laugh, but you Darlin', get picked on so much. I don't understand why, but keep on doin' yer thang cuz a lot of lurkers love you very much. <3

On that note, I love everyone here (warts & all), but I gotta return to exile.

Be good & be safe!

Bluezz is out! ;-)

sandybrook said...

^^^^^^Pleez dont go back into hiding^^^^^^

lazyday603 said...

Duchess Katherine has too much grey matter upstairs to be another Diana Spenser. She should thank her lucky stars. So should her husband.

Leekalicious said...

@cornflowerbluezz I totes second the TTM and Sandy luv. You're a proofreader and you still come here? {Come here, let me hold you}

cowbulls said...

In their roles, Kate is a 9.9 and Diana was at best an 8. Throw in personality and Kate stays in the 9's and Diana drops into the 7's.

Leekalicious said...

@cowbulls It seems to me as if Kate and William are trying to avoid, step-by-step, the mistakes that his parents made. In the photo, Diana is turned away from Charles. Kate is facing him in their photo. That old photo would have been during the time she was realizing that he was still diddling Camilla and that he had no intention of stopping.

TalksTooMuch said...

Hey holla Bluezz!! Thanks chickie, nice to see you aboot

NJ FireFighter said...

I love how Prince Charles has his "Outback" outfit on. All that is missing is a Pith helmet.


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