Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Mena Suvari heads to the gym after doing some shopping.

Nicki Minaj at The Other Woman premiere.
Kate Upton and
The Apatow/Mann family joined
Cameron Diaz at the LA premiere.
Pamela Anderson went to dinner with Dave LaChapelle.
Aaron Paul at Arcade Fire last night with
Jake Gyllenhaal.
Who knew Simon Cowell was a frozen yogurt fan.


FearN said...

Gah. I really wanna like Kate Upton but her face reminds me of the ho my husband cheated on me with.

sandybrook said...

Pam left Rick Salomon already or did she get pimped out?

Simon smears the frozen yogurt on his wang and makes his hos lick it off that's why he buys it not becuse it might be a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Seven of Eleven said...

I would totally be up for beers with Aaron Paul and Jake G.

So weird, Nikki looks like KimK and Kate Upton looks like Miley. Opposite day!

Renoblondee said...

Uh, Jake?

T. E. Cuz said...

nicki minaj looks very attractive with her new, more natural style. just need her to smile a bit :)

jake... you arent looking as hot as you used to :\

Lady Heisenberg said...

My Pinkboo!!!!! But where is LaChapelle?!?

Harry Knuckles said...

Upton thinks she is transitioning from modeling into acting. Maybe she is. Maybe she's good at acting, or will be. Nice tits.

Maybe Aaron Paul and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating. Maybe they are going over to Jake's place now to make out.

Seven of Eleven said...

@Harry, green is not your color, dear.

carol baker said...

Long time reader, first comment - hi CDAN. Nikki Minage looks much better but does she think not smiling = real actress? Meryl Streep smiles.

Karleep said...

Nicki Minaj looks really good there. Not like some bleached out barbie wanna be. Definitely more mature....still don't like her though lol

Turkish Taffy said...

I wonder if Lauren Silverman calls the paps whenever she's up to bat in Simon's harem so that it looks like they are exclusive. I wouldn't be surprised. BYW, where are her kid(s)?

Turkish Taffy said...


discoflux said...

Why is Nicki Minaj wearing a boho sweater dress from Contempo circa 1992 to a movie premiere?

Count Jerkula said...

P: Minaj

M: Upton - her hindquarters do nothing for me.

B: Suvari - #SportFuck

NaughtyNurse said...

Who's the guy rubbing up behind Jake Gyllenhaal?

I am liking Nicki Minaj's new "understated" (a relative term) look, but I wish she wouldn't try to look like a black Kim Kardashian.

Brenda L said...

Welcome @ Carol Baker

Tallulah said...

For some reason I thought Nicki Minaj was from Sri Lanka, but no: Ethnicity:
*Indo-Trinidadian, Afro-Trinidadian (father)
*Afro-Trinidadian (mother)

Nicki Minaj is an American musician, and protege of Lil’ Wayne. She was born Onika Maraj in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago."

Well, whaddya know.

lutefisk said...

The Apatow/Mann family is adorable. I want Leslie'd gown.

Lila said...

The A/M family is so beautiful.
I am so sick of a Jake G.mlooking like grizzly Adams.
Pamela looks extraordinarily stoned.
I am so happy Nikki Is looking like a beautiful woman rather than a cartoon anime character.

Steampunk Jazz said...

Nice of Jakey to hide his date from the paps.
The poster behind Leslie Mann looks like it is kicking her in the butt,lol.
Dayyyumm Pam,your eyes look like you've been hanging with Dave Chapelle not LaChapelle.
Nicki Minaj looks great, less space alien, more chanteaus.

The Divine Ms. A said...

Pam and Dave LaChapelle have been best buds for years

The Divine Ms. A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Divine Ms. A said...

Pam and Dave LaChapelle have been best buds for years


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