Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Met Gala Photos Part Six

Nicole Richie

Diane Kruger
Alison Williams
Rita Ora
Jessica Pare
Anna Kendrick
Emmy Rossum
Karolina Kurkova
Felicity Jones


Nutty_Flavor said...

Like Emmy Rossum here. I think it's the first time I've liked her in anything.

Nicole Richie also looks pretty good.

Kruger is so dull.

sugarbread maker said...

Karolina. Just stood and twirled all nighr. No sitting 4 her. Everyone else too basic 2 comment

skipper said...

Love Karolina's dress!

nora nader said...

Karolina looks like art come to life! I like how it is so different, but I wonder if it's comfortable?

T. E. Cuz said...

anna, you look lovely. so elegant.

kruger and williams and pare look pretty.

why was everyone so badly dressed for this event? everytime i see a nice dress, i see 3 other horrible ones.

Just Another HR Lady said...

What! No Josh Jackson in the Diane pic? Sacrilegious.


Cleodacat said...

Were these the only folks that dressed decently? The rest need to fire their stylists.

derek harvey said...

Marnie looks great as always. Of COURSE Rita Whora is there. I am beginning to think she has a clone. How can one person be so many places around the world at so many times. Not too mention why do people want her there. Also, how does she afford all these things. She has no relevant music career...

Seven of Eleven said...

Why is Emmy wearing my gran's tablecloth? Tsk.

Love Diane and Alison's dresses. Classy.

I really like Karolina's dress.

Ore-Ida's shoes. Uh-huh.

Just Another HR Lady said...

Diane and Josh are wearing Hugo Boss by Jason Wu (one of her besties)

GatorGirl said...

Rita Whoras gladiator shoes are hiddy

Shelly Shell said...

Karolina looks like she actually went with the theme.

Layna Day said...

Karolina' dress is spectacular. Rita would have looked better with darker hair and different shoes. Everyone else wore something you can have seen at any awards show.

NaughtyNurse said...

Nicole's dress looks cheap. That Rita Ora chick always looks cheap and kinda dirty, like Madonna back in the day. Emmy looks FABULOUS, and Karolina's dress is truly a work of art.

Kno Won Uno said...

Was this a joke year? There are a few really fabulous looks, but lots of WTF? is going on.
Someone should notify the conspiracy theorists. Might be an Illuminati signal of a minor apocalypse.

Jenn said...

I think I've lost my mind?, but I love absolutely everything Rita Ora strapped onto her body. All she needs is a unicorn.

Emmy Rossum looks lovely, too. Something is wrong with me; I need to go write my will

rajahcat said...

yep those are Nicole Ritchie's implants

Paint Chips said...

The unfortunately posed Rita looks like she's grabbing her crotch.

Count Jerkula said...

P. A-Will

M. Kendrick - tiny mouth would make me feel big

B. Kruger

PugsterMom said...

That color washes diane out. Love Anna, and Karolina. Really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Nicole: Me Likey
Diane: See above (it actually a pretty awesome dress), it also helps that she looks effing HAPPY. I like brooding when it is necessary but a nice appreciative SMILE is always tops.
Alison: love the color
Rita: interesting dress, boring hair
Jessica: zzzzzz
Anna: love it
Emmy: No, no, no
Carolina: ((gasp))...Goooooood!
Felicity: I feel like this would have worked on another person. she didn't pull it off

sandybrook said...

I was wondering what happened to my comforter set Emmy.

headrot said...

nicole actually has one of my favorite dresses, i actually like that particular shade of lavender hair, and it really works with that dress.

JosieJo said...

Nicole: love the dress, hate the hair.
Diane: nice but I hate spaghetti straps at formal events. sheer panels, real straps or nothing at all JMO
Alison: interchangeable with a J Dreyfus dress.
Rita: well isn't she precious. VH1 want's their shoes back
Jessica: just no
Anna: zzzz
Emmy: shorten it and wear it to the derby
Karolina: definition of why I look at these pictures. Looks like a sketch jumped off the page.
Felicity: bad hair day?

Sherry said...

How is Nicole standing like that? It reminds me of the stand you had for your Barbie back in the day.

I love Karolina's dress and Anna Kendrick's as well..Also Emmy looks good there.

I have the same question. With little to no career how does Rita Whora make it to so many events?

Brenda L said...

Sorry, Karolina's dress looks like the umbrellas that went missing from my stuff when I moved.

auntliddy said...

Holy overdressed and ill fitting!! Special mention to Richie, who must have arrived on starship 7.

anon said...

Karolina's Marchesa is fantastic! Really good representation of the theme.

Nicole looks awful to me as a rule these days - hate the purple hair with her skin color and that Donna Karan is doing nothing for her.

Rita Ora is a big fail - between the lace up shoes and the lace up her arms, it's awful.

Emmy also looks great in that Herrara - very springy, very on point for the theme

Allison Williams looks pretty but not spectatular

Moni said...

Is Nicole Richie leaning back so far to appear as if there's more of her, or is her tiny body snapping under the weight of her head?

Aoife said...

I love Emmy Rossum's gown. It's well tailored and is very springy. The yellow doesn't overwhelm like Katie Holmes gown did. Emmy's hair is also styled to suit the dress.

I really don't like that Kucova gown. It's too much in every sense of the words. You have to be tall and very slender to wear it. Sitting in it would be another thing.

Anna Kendrick is so boring.

The bodice on Pare's gown does nothing but flatten her boobs.

Rita Whora looks just like her nick name. The entire outfit looks like wedding night lingerie to me.

Erik said...

I dislike Jessica Pare.

ashley cundiff said...

+1 I'm tried of her and her horrible fashion! She ruins everything I see her in!


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