Thursday, May 08, 2014

Random Photos Part Three

Julianne Hough taking out her trash while

her brother was at DWTS rehearsals with
James Maslow.
Jenny McCarthy in NYC.
Ashton Kutcher had dog walking duty again.
Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco after working out.
My favorite photo of the day. Keith Urban gets some love from one of his daughters.
Jennifer Lopez and her weekly Idol perp walk.
Long time no see in the photos for Lily Collins.


Count Jerkula said...

P: Hough

M: McCarthy

B: Penny

sandybrook said...

JLo wtf with the shoes.
I wouldn't mind seeing Hough taking out trash dressed like that.
Kaley Coocoo 's hubby looks pissed to see paps.

nora nader said...

Agree w/ Enty (or whoever it is posting these days). The photo of Keith Urban and his daughter is priceless.

skippy said...

JLO. Noooo.

Seven of Eleven said...

Oh look, Jenny McCarthy is opening her mouth again. Try to contain your shock.

Aww, the baby Urban photo is adorable!

JLo's shoes... not so much.

Harry Knuckles said...

What's the Enty saying here, that Hough and Maslow are dating?

Good ol' Jenny McCarthy

Kaley getting a little sun and fixing her hair.

Lily Collins having a seat. She's really pretty. If any girl was going to turn Efron straight it would have been Lily.

Sherry said...

First thought is THOSE SHOES!

Now seeing those curly headed little girls I'm almost certain that Nicole had them. Totally her hair. And is there nothing better than little girls running up to their fathers squealing "Daddy, Daddy!" Just makes your heart melt.

figgy said... the other day I was looking for jeans with a friend, and saw some JLo jeans. I mentioned that I cannot STAND her and was therefore not going to deign to try on anything by her.

My friend pointed out how ridiculous that was, and damned if those "JLo Boyfriend" jeans weren't the best fit ever. Bought two pairs. Damn it.

Dingle Barry said...

The Hough siblings are unappealing in every way. We didn't know who you were when you just danced and we liked it that way.

Kaley is a breath of fresh air! She isn't over exposed and doesn't over share every facet of her private life. So refreshing.

I saw this picture of Keith Urban on DM and couldn't figure out who the lesbian was that had small children, but still found it adorable! (Keith still looks like a lesbian, sorry girls who love girls who may not enjoy Keith)

JLo's shoes look really complicated. Houdini would be intrigued.

nurysp said...

jlo looks amazing
that is all
gawd those legs

Meghan said...

Enty is killing me with these photos today. Uggggghhh so many things. I just can't with McCarthy again.

Julianne is at least attractive so I can see her eking out a celebrity living; her brother, on the other hand, is gross. I hate his pinchy face and I hate that stupid hat. I want to rip it off his head and hit him with it.

There's punchy mcstabby couco again. I might lose a bet if she stays married much longer....

And I hate myself for this, but....I like JLo's shoes. THERE I SAID IT. I would wear them with dark denim skinnies and a basic top, but they are not horrible. They just look horrible with that pepto bismol dress.

discoflux said...

Step AWAY from the Forever 21 website, JLo.

Renoblondee said...

@figgy- I have to admit I love JLo's bags and her perfume too.

PotPourri said...

One of Keith's girls looks just like nicole!

Snapdragon said...

I am a gal with full-sized eyebrows, but Lily Collins' brows are a force of freakin' NATURE. They honestly scare me a bit.

TalksTooMuch said...

That is an awesome Daddy shot there, ^5!

Wow, Julianne Hough is TINY!

auntliddy said...

Jenny mccarthy is such an asshole. Looks jerky too. A very rare blooper for jlo. That little one is a doll.

Tina Mallette said...

Some of these shoe designers are just taking the gladiator strappy look TOO FAR now and did JLo join the Ice Capades?

Malibu Borebee said...

She did, Tina, it's Jenny from the Rink.

Keith Urban genuinely seems to enjoy his kids, unlike Mrs. Urban.

When will guys learn that nobody looks good in a porkpie hat?

Melly said...

The only time McCarthy should open her mouth is to suck a d**k.

Dingle Barry said...

Malibu, Jenny from the Rink! LMAO!!

Lula Surber said...

Inspector Gadget designed JLo's shoes (I'm sure of it).

Jessie said...

What's a James Maslow and where might I procure one for myself?

lovelylunacy said...

Is jlo walking to the ice capades?!?


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