Monday, May 05, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Mila Kunis out shopping this weekend.

Meg Ryan and her daughter in NYC.
Naomi Watts was involved in some type of strange wine explosion.
Amy Poehler was at a farmer's market this weekend while
her bff Tina Fey was also in LA.
Hello Amanda Peet.
Carly Rae Jepsen got invited to a party. I'm happy for her because she could have ended up
following around Simon Cowell forever like Lauren Silverman and
Terri Seymour. I heard that Randy Jackson picked up the tab for all four which is pretty nice of him.


TalksTooMuch said...

Amy! Tina! Woot! That DOES look like an unfortunate wine incident on Naomi Watts, good for her for sticking around and finishing out the event

Count Jerkula said...

P: Peet

M: Fey

B: Preggo Mila - Them titties is already swelling. fap fap fap fap....

OneEyeCharlie said...

Randy's shoes look like something a 16 yr old would wear to the prom to "look cool".

Seven of Eleven said...

Mila looks like Lorde in that photo!

Hi, Amy! Hi, Tina! Call me!

That Terri Seymour person looks like she's wearing tight hefty bags.
I didn't know Meg Ryan adopted a child.

sandybrook said...

That's Harvey Weinstein next to Carlie Rae right?
Wtf Naomi?? :(

canadachick said...

i feel like the outfits at events lately have been punking us......or are they practice for the Met Gala

Harry Knuckles said...

Naomi Watts looking at something. Or maybe just reflecting. Who knows?

Amanda Peet is not to be trifled with.

Terri Seymour getting out of a car.

Sherry said...

Amy, baby..get a better top. That's not flattering at all.

Crappy dress Naomi is wearing. That is some unfortunate material.

I HATE hats like the one Meg is wearing. I see old ladies wearing those to look cool but they don't. Also she's always in the most poorly cut clothing. Just baggy and unflattering.

Steampunk Jazz said...

Love Amanda peer, I think she was robbed in her career...

Sherry said...

Steampunk did you know Amanda Peet married to the creator/writer/producer of Game of Thrones? She realized she was not going to get the plumb roles as she got older so she's writing plays for B'way. Read an interview with her and that's what she said.

Sherry said...

NOT George RRMartin but for the TV production.

Lila said...

Simon's baby mama looks like she is expecting again.

Erik said...

LMAO at the idea of Amanda Peet marrying GRRM.

Malibu Borebee said...

She's probably kinky enough for GRRM but she married David Benioff.


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