Monday, August 04, 2014

Blind Items Revealed

January 17, 2014

This foreign born former B+ list singer/celebrity who is now a B-/C+ thanks to her lengthy absence away from music is not likely to be invited back to this event by the host. Our singer was drunk and talking loudly during the event and was taking photos with her cell phone and just being an obnoxious pain. She then insulted a guy next to her and asked him how big his d**k was and that even though she is married it has been a long time since she had a d**k and did this all during the event.

Lily Allen


sandybrook said...

Yeah but I bet Lily's an awful lot of fun to have around when shes wasted.

derek harvey said...

ugh---uneducated slag---hate her with a passion--and her new music is HORRIBLE

Kno Won Uno said...

Never saw her draw. An average talent at best. Meh.

All Lace no Leather said...

Is she the same one that was rude to Sir Elton while they were presenting an award?

Lady Heisenberg said...

Libby FTW!

Ray Nicolet said...

Alfie is so much better.

Anonymous said...

she should come to our next family reunion. all of our drunken drama queens have gotten their shit together. BOR-RING!


i live for that stuff. our last reunion was a effing buzzkill.


Anonymous said...
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auntliddy said...

She's a bit of a pain in the ass, eh?

Sarah said...

Agree on all points

Zoe Cialite said...

What else can you expect from the singer who once said: And I'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
'Cuz everyone knows that's how you get famous
I'll look at the sun and I'll look in the mirror
I'm on the right track, yeah I'm on to a winner"

And because she also said "Now I'm not a saint but I'm not a sinner
Now everything is cool as long as I'm getting thinner", I can't possibly hate her.

NaughtyNurse said...

Best was when Elton John gave Lily Allen a first class verbal smack down at the GQ awards a handful of years ago. Classic.


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