Monday, May 22, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 30, 2017

SAG Awards

Waking up on the floor of a stranger’s house at 7am, probably was one of the reasons this B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show missed the awards. She is freaked out about what will happen to her when they show ends.

Sarah Hyland


sandybrook said...

She will turn to music if she doesn't act.

Lurky McLurkster said...

I thought you were joking but a quick Youtube and she actually can sing

sandybrook said...

Yeah I saw her sing something last year and thought it was really good.

M. Brown said...

As she's gotten older on the show she's gone from a typical teen actress to a very peculiar "character actor" type. She's tiny with a disproportionate round face. If she's a pleasure to work with I could see her cast as the funny neighbor or coworker but that doesn't seem to be the case.

just sayin\' said...

the reason for her unusually round face may be the anti-rejection meds she takes since having a kidney transplant as a child. which is a very good reason not to abuse drugs or alcohol now.

SgH said...

I hope she gets healthy and chills on the level of consumption, before any reversible self-destruction.
*Being young and having access to anything/everything can blur deter any cares of consequences (which many teens & young adults already don't consider...and many grow up to become adults living recklessly or may fall into excess/destruction later in life).

Sarah said...

I don't think she's likeable, sadly. She actually can sing, but if she doesn't chill out with the partying no one will want to work with her, period.

TheCousinEddy said...

She can always ride the wave of success from ABC's version of Dirty Dancing.

Just Kidding. Hahaha.

They should have just ordered a musical episode of Modern Family and called it "The Dunphys and Pritchetts go to the Catskills" and made it campy and cheesy and a sort of parody of Dirty Dancing. It would have been much-better received by ABC's core demographic and the social media response would certainly not have been so full of vitriol.

Last night's 3 hour train wreck was a disaster. Thank God it wasn't live.

texasrose said...

She should be. I hope she saved some of her money.


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