Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 20, 2017

The holdout to getting this movie reunion made is the foreign born actress who needs it the most. Her new movie will be huge, but no thanks to her. She was a huge pain as usual and needs to get in the good graces of producers again to get more work. A reunion movie could do that. Instead, she is giving the whole my craft has evolved thing.

Emma Watson/Harry Potter And The Cursed Child


Dutch said...

I don't blame her. Harry Potter and the cursed child is just fanfiction approved by Rowling

Do Tell said...

If the other cast members are coming back and JK gave it her stamp of approval, seems pretty legit to me.

Jennifer said...

She's a bigger Twat then the Goopster.

RenShaw said...

All groups have one; Posh, Lennon, Matt Perry, the one juror holding out, so why not Emma. I still think she's an ass Emma but for different reasons. It's time to move on. I came by this interview by John Lennon and he nails it about reunions. I Love it. BTW, add Roseann
to the reboot list. I just can't.

Truth said...

Craft??? LMAO.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

As in Posh of the Spice Girls? TBH, the only time I liked a reunion was when my fave boyband got together and I finally got a chance to see them in concert (because my parents wouldn't let me back in 1998).

It's like Russel in the private jet scene in "Almost Famous", isn't it:

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with "fanfic" that was approved by the powers-that-be. It's just that the whole look-we-grew-up-and-had-babies thing was never my cup of tea.

Now, "Fantastic Beasts" OTOH is actually better than the whole Hogwarts-based stuff. All grown-up and gone governmental! Loved, loved, loved it! Also, I think they're already set to do like 4–5 other films, so I'm pretty sure at some point the storyline will cross paths with the Great Depression, which will be fucking fascinating!

OH NO! said...

What the hell do you mean needs it most? you think Rupert Grint and Tom Felton have full schedules? What do you reckon an average day looks like for Daniel Radcliffe? All three of them have spoken about battles with alcoholism and when you're a retired 23 yr old too much time on your hands is V bad.

Guest said...

Grint doesn't want fame. Watson and Felton yes. Watson and Felton are on all social network and they always try to attract fans. Their career is based on fans and not on their acting skills.


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