Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 2, 2017

Met Gala

People could not stop whispering and pointing at this A- list mogul/wannabe rapper who weighs almost double what he did back in the day. I blame it on his love of booze. I have the same problem. I drink and then I binge eat.

Sean Combs


sandybrook said...

He's 47 the metabolism slows down and you gain weight if you don't moderate your shit and exercise more. I doubt he exercises at all.

JustReading said...

Double Diddy

police dog said...

ppl forget he's almost 50 years old. thought him lying down on the stairs was actually kinda funny

Norm said...

So he's.... Puffy.

david said...

So, Sean needs to eat in moderation. At 45 I weighed 185 lbs.
By age 58, I weighted 234 lbs.
Not good.
By counting calories and NOT eating fast food as much as I was, and watching what I was eating, I am now down to 190.
My doc said, I was good at 194 lbs.
Huh, what does she know?

So, Puff! Take a hint from an old guy.
Instead of driving through a fast food restaurants, just drive on by!


And to you Anonymous internet Trolls, so what that I made this about me!


Rose said...

When you get to his age, your metabolism isn't the same as when you are younger. Also other factors come into it as well, so could be one of many things.

OKay said...

But...but...fast food is DELICIOUS!

Hortensia said...

You are not old! Thanks for your comments!

Scandi Sanskrit said...

What ever happened to your new year's resolution, Enty? did you ever get those planners/health journals?

Hot Cola said...


Hawaii said...

He still looks good. And he posted pics from the met ball on his Instagram with the kraptrashians cropped out. He easily earned my respect after that.

Nick said...

He had knee surgery, some months ago, so isn't as active


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