Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 4, 2017

Whenever she has a new show you can count on one thing. That thing is an increase and in drug and alcohol use for this A list comic/host/part-time actress.

Chelsea Handler


sandybrook said...

When she isn't on TV she uses just as much as whenshe is plus we get all these nude selfies of her too because she's looking for attention.

david said...

Well, she does need to fund her descent into a has been nobody.

Just4Fun said...

Hasn't she earned "former A list" yet?

SassyGirl said...

Chelsea Handler. At least she doesn't hide it, has always talked about it freely, if she wanna get wasted/stoned it's her problem, i like that she doesn't give a fuck what ppl will say about it

Snore said...

She's a dumpster fire.

AMartel said...

She's a terrible interviewer and not funny. She only gets press for taking her clothes off and/or ragging on trump. She should be thanking the Z List god that Clinton lost because I'm pretty sure the mild interest in clothes-off Handler had faded entirely.

Do Tell said...

She's as "A-list" as Jim Belushi.

SnarkIsFun said...

@Snore - dumpster fires are lodging a complaint for being insulted by being compared to Chelsea Handler.

Sarah said...

I have never found her entertaining or funny, just super try-hard and disgusting.

Dakota said...

A lot of comedians are sick evil twister depressed unhappy people
She is as gross and unfunny as Amy schumer the worst is Stephen Colbert
Pretends to be very Catholic Mass
every day
hence the anti gay slip lately
He's a mysognostic anti gay depressed person cause his parents had 12 kids and stupidly went up together in a 4 seater and crashed
He is unhappy with the world angry and nasty

Dee said...

Who's this 'he' you're talking about? This blind is about Chelsea Handler. Not some random misogynistic man.

Dee said...

I'm not going to get all het up in fiery hatred like some folks but I really don't get it with her. She's beyond mediocre. I don't like her energy, mainly. She's not good at pretending to be friendly and polite if she doesn't like someone and just seems very mean-spirited and unhappy in general.

dianavonthirstybird said...

I won't belabor the point, 'cause I've made it very clear on other blinds that I dislike her enormously. She is far from A List. She is not a comic. She is not a host. She is not an actress. She is one of thousands who have slept (kind word) their way up to whatever crumbs the producers/directors/agents will throw at them. She will disappear from the screen very soon. Just hope she has been saving her $. She'll need it on her way down. She can always join Scott Diss-sick in his real estate venture.

Marlo said...

She's one of those people who use their identity as a sort of leverage over their primitive and ignorant opinions, she thinks we should listen to:

" a comedian..." - unfunniest comedian ever

" a woman..." - skankiest most anti-woman hoe ever

" a liberal..." - ignorant & hypocritical about what that actual means

" a democrat..." - quite a fascist 'democrat' actually

" a Jew..." - dumbest Jew I have ever seen or heard

She's just a hollow nothing of a person. No substance whatsoever. It really makes me question all those other women who are actually friends with her, like Reese W or Jen Aniston.


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