Friday, July 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 28, 2017

Part of the money issues this A+ list couple are having is the money they invested with a foreign business person who was essentially running a Ponzi scheme.

Jay-Z and Beyonce


sandybrook said...

When you are having cash flow problems getting trapped in get rich schemes isn't hard. But you'd think a criminal like Jay would recognize a scam when he sees it.

Do Tell said...

If only I could feel sorry for either of them instead of highly amused.

Oh well!

SnarkIsFun said...

Actually surprised at this point that Jay-Z hasn't reverted to his former profession to drum up some cash. Is the $$ in meth these days, or Oxy?

who cares said...

must have been obama and his cuban rum and cigar business.


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