Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blind Item #4

This foreign born permanent A list singer has the sidewalk in front of her hotel outside the country blocked off 24/7 just so she can leave an enter a couple of times a day without having to get near fans. Fan interaction is not her favorite.


Tricia13 said...


Uhh... said...


hothotheat said...

I don't think Adele is permanent yet and Celine loves her fans so I don't these two fit.

Kylie? I know enty usually says "everywhere but here" for her though.

LaLaLa said...

I feel this is supposed to be Cèline in Paris but I can tell you it's totally false.because I was there.
It's true that the crowd control barriers on the sidewalk are a fixture (wouldn't make sense to move them every day). But the sidewalk isn't blocked at all unless she's coming out. Even then you'd technically be allowed to pass, but there's no way you could with hundreds of people waiting (she usually leaves for her concerts around the same time so people know).

Also, she's been known to spend time wit her fans after the concert, sometimes signing stuff for more than 20 minutes in the rain at 2 am in the morning (just youtube it).

Hot Cola said...

Not every performing artist needs to love interacting with his fans. They love their craft and not doing it to have fans. Its a person's decision to become a 'fan'. And to stand hours outside hotels. Its fair, because they impose thier will in someone who not nesesarily choose that aspect of their art.

persiaa said...

Agreed. Some artists have social anxiety or are introverts.

noone said...

ok, every one need his privacy, me first; except those people choose fame and money and to use social media so they can sell - themself - show, movie, product... this goes with being in the spotlight and interaction with fan 24/7.
Remember most of those peoples -sorry, beside a few - with little education, are makes more in a weeks than an engineer in a years, and that's for the less fortunate;
Nobody force them. Some live away from hollywood and social media too. So no, most WANT it all, the fan, magazine cover, paparazzi, the fame.


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