Monday, July 10, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 7, 2017

This former Vampire Diaries actress is losing ground for getting new roles. So, what do you do? Have a pap come by once a day to make sure your photos hit the tabloids and keep yourself front and center.

Nina Dobrev


sandybrook said...

She has 3 finished movies and was in a Vin Diesel movie already this year.

Kat said...

She's probably not getting the roles she wants, though. Possibly being beaten out by other actresses so she's trying to build some hype.

January said...

She's very pretty, and has a fan base, but she's just not a good actress, so she will most likely just get supporting rolses or leads in cable movies (Lifetime/Hallmark/Syfy).

Kat said...

She was pretty good on Vampire Diaries, in a lot of respects. That said, I've always thought you have to see someone play more than one role and in more than one production to get a sense of how good of an actor they really are. Some actors get by easily playing the same character all the time, or basically playing themselves, and that works fine for them. I'm not sure if Nina is trying to get different roles and is having no luck, or is even having trouble competing with other/younger? actresses for the same kinds of roles she's played before.

Patrick said...

And VD wasn't a huge hit. It was successful by CW standards, but it wasn't a monster hit for them either. It started out great (for CW) and then steadily fell off.
Plus, she left it when it was still successful, and that is a giant no-no in H-Wood.

JBZ said...

But you wrote this as if it's problematic and not something every actor from academy award winning to network TV hasn't done. It's how you work it. You keep your name out there. Otherwise casting people don't think of you. She's got two movies in can though and a rolé in XXX4 coming up. She will be fine.

TinaBaby said...

this is how they do it. I feel bad though bc I think that Nina might be over.


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