Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 27, 2017

This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress was on an iconic foreign show before crashing and burning here had to escape from a hotel suite when the organizer of an event tried to corner her.

Karen Gillan


omaxem said...

Why was she beeing cornered?

Do Tell said...

Probably to sexually assault her.

david said...

She was probably being a cocktease.

SgH said...

David, would you say that about any women in your life? Or do you only enjoy justifying sexual harassment online, behind a screen typing away like a cyberbully with an added degree of you being a d-bag?
Last question:
Do you meet many women you consider a cocktease? If so, that says way more about you than it does them.

omaxem said...

Oh... :/

Yes, you. said...

You're a fucking moron. You get kicks out of grabbing women by the pu$$y too? Fucking idiot.

Reg said...

She's a really annoying actress maybe he was trying to convince her to retire. Her TV show in America a few years ago was one of the biggest bombs ever.


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