Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blind Item #7

This foreign born B+ list actress probably shouldn't be that high but did score a pay cable series as a lead. The show didn't do well, but it was a lead. She also has a big box office hit coming up. She is sleeping with the married foreign born director of that movie.


Tricia13 said...

Ruth Wilson/Lenny Abrahmson-Littke Stranger?

TellMeLies said...

From what I know The Affair hasn't been cancelled, has it?

Kate said...

And here I thought she was sleeping with her costar on the affair. I did like that show until last season. It seemed haphazardly put together.

sandybrook said...

No it has a final season coming up. It's useless though, because this crapfest has been useless for 2 seasons at least and they could have wrapped it all up last season but didn't.

Dancer2 said...

Diane Kruger

just sayin\' said...

it devolved into such a mess. i was sad. same with bloodline.

noone said...

I guess this is an almost accurate blind, with so many clues, should be easy, nope.

Looking at movies up to the end of the year, only one that might remotely match the description :
"Blade runner 2049", definitively going to be a hit, directed by Denis Villeneuve, Canadian, married
Only possible cast member :
Mackenzie Davis, Canadian, ensemble cast but still the lead on "halt and cast fire" (ending this year, strong fan base but weak rating), def. a B+ if you know who she is, on amc (but basic cable, not pay)

Hate me if you want but denis, nice catch ! (joking)

Film Nerd said...

Diane Kruger.
The Bridge was on FX. Some places you have to pay extra to get it.
Her Best Actress Cannes film is coming out end of year. There's push for Oscar nomiantion.

Kruger has reputation for always having something-something with her director or costar.

hans said...

Only movie she has in the next months is "in the fade".
Who seriously thinks this will be a "a big box office hit coming up" ???? she can get all awards and nominations, this is still an indie movie and will barely stays up for a couple of weeks in Germany or France, even less in Usa (if it gets released !)..
A box office hit is a movie widely distributed with people actually going to see it. Sorry, not this one.

Beside, she had always sleeped her way up and changes partners when he can't get her more fame. She's "working" on norman reedus to get usa/hollywood recognition; Why would she risks everything on -sorry- an obscure director/actor like fatih akin -again sorry, just realist- ; for a palm at cannes ?? no one care about it

DKtownbicycle said...

Isn't she also working on a pretty big movie with Robert Zemeckis and Steve Carell? Sounds just like her. I knew she was sleeping with the director of In the Fade as soon as I saw the pics of them at Cannes looking more like a couple than she ever has with Reedus.

centaurea said...

Finally delurking to say I'm leaning toward Kruger for this, too. Magnolia Pictures bought In the Fade, so it does now have a US distributor. They're going to release it at the end of the year, as Film Nerd said, and they also stated outright that they'll do an Oscar campaign for Diane. I don't see ItF being a "big box office hit" in the traditional sense, but with the subject matter, DK's Cannes win, and all the gossip swirling around her, Magnolia probably expects it to get more attention than a foreign-language indy normally would.

As for 'why Fatih,' Diane strikes me as someone who needs a partner who will fawn over her, including in public. She's not getting that from Reedus, whereas Fatih has praised her in the press and been publicly affectionate, so a fling with him might well fulfill some squicky emotional need. Also, with the awards push, he'll probably be expected to sing her praises all over again, so if she can keep him happy, it will help her Oscar chances.

Btw, I did a google image search for "Diane Kruger," "Fatih Akin," and "affair," and I'm with DKtownbicycle: they looked awfully close in their Cannes pics. I'd love to hear what someone who's into reading body language has to say about those photos.


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