Monday, August 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 4, 2017

I love the lies this back in the day A- list singer has been telling this week about his sex worker confrontation. He knew exactly what he was getting into so to speak because the one named always broke rapper has been bragging about the sex worker for a year.

Bobby Valentino/Shauna BrooksTyga


Renshaw said...

This is the worst kind of outing. Not cool.

Crew Girl said...

It isn't cool but the woman in the middle of this controversy is doing press, outed herself and Bobby V. Tyga has been outed before. Not exactly surprising or shocking.

enamel said...

DL rappers LOOOOOOVE transwomen.

"it's not gay if the dick has boobs and it looks like a woman, right??????"

they love to act all tough and gansta and homophobic, when really they love sucking dick

.Hot Cola said...


Dannette said...

Dumbass didn't pay her, so that's the way it goes.

Elle said...

Um I don't think Shauna has anything to do with this, she addressed this on her live

Meee said...

This is the thing about trans 'women' (no your are NOT women, you are TRANS, deal with it, accept it and move on) is that MANY MANY MANY of them out here in the real world are nasty, gutter trash, hookers. The kind that suck dick anywhere, the kind who are rude, obnoxious and over the top when being 'feminine'.
The kind who have no goals or life ambitions except to 'look like a woman' they spend ridiculous amounts of money (which they earn from hooking) on vile plastic surgery.
Have any of you ever seen trannie's in real life....YOU KNOW ITS A MAN. I don't care how many hormone injections you have had, how big and fake your boobs are, how much make up and fake hair you have on, under it all you are a MAN. The hands, the size of the feet, the jaw line, the shape of the collar bone area, the hips, the pelvic bones, the voice I mean the list is NEVER ENDING.
The bottom line is men who end up with trannies KNOW wtf they are doing, they just don't want to be seen as the homosexual men they truly are.
And why do all these trannies have such a LACK OF CLASS?!? Seriously they are so disgustingly self absorbed, guess it goes hand in hand with their mental illness.
Fucked up ass society we live in, all of it. Trannies blowing up their John's spot..... unreal.
And spare me the rod, I do and have been working in the sex industry for 13 years, I speak from experience and I call it like I see it. The nastiest people in this industry are trannies. And they are the biggest carrier of AIDS as well. All well known facts in the biz.

Bubbles said...

This is the thing about YOU. You are a hateful fuckwad who needs to stick with Sandra Rose like the rest of the bitter ill bred gutter monkeys. The truth is you don't know shit to speak about an entire group of people who are as different as you and someone elegant, making money and not jealous. If you wish to espouse your propaganda,, stick to places where the readers are as small minded and condescending as yourself.

And have enough fucking common sense to know that you saying someone isn't a woman or man(as there are trans men which you seem to have so conveniently forgotten) or stating something is "well known fact in the biz" doesn't make it either well known or a fact. Sorry the trans girls are making more money than you because it you were truly earning, someone exposing a trick who doesn't pay wouldn't bother you. And just out of curiosity, are the working girls, stripper and general run of the mill groupies who expose athletes, rappers and other assorted celebrities an issue for you as well? Inquiring minds want to know you vapid, judgmental CUNT!

Unknown said...

"Spare me the rod.."


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