Monday, August 07, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 2, 2017

Have you reached rock bottom if you are a closeted former A- list teen singer and you are having sex with men for drug money? Maybe it is when you send out the woman you want people to think is your girlfriend to hit on guys. She then goes with them to their hotel room and drugs them before robbing them. At some point, there has to be a rock bottom.

Aaron Carter


Barbara RiceHand said...

What I want to know about it the guy he said he met at a young age and had a relationship w. A family friend? Someone taking advantage of him? I just see Corey Haim all over again.

elle b said...

i read rumors that it was ryan cabrera

longtimereader said...

And the 1D boys complain about what cowell did to them. Lou perlman was an utter creep.

Vicki me said...

I followed a trail, as you do with these postings and the comments (I'm talking to you longtimereader).. all I can think is that Lou Pearlman destroyed that family, building on the destruction their father wreaked.. all I can feel is empathy for Aaron Carter and all Enty can pile on is scorn. Boooo.


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