Monday, August 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 4, 2017

Makes sense that this racist homophobic YouTube star is joining with the foreign born racist rapist YouTube star.

Jack Jones/PewDiePie


Barbara RiceHand said...

What was that one story going around, about some celebrity that died but is alive and does a podcast? Was that River Phoenix?

scds said...

how are u allowed to post stuff calling someone a rapist with no proof

enamel said...

johnny depp would be pretty scared if river was still alive. he was the one that didnt call 911 because he didnt want him and his club to get in trouble, so he let river die there.

Bob Belcher said...

Christina Applegate literally walked over River while he was dying.

They were all young & didn't want to get busted for drug use, so they didn't call soon enough.

BlissBoo said...

This blind is such BS. Normally I agree with most all the blinds, but not this one.

Lilli said...

Don't believe Pew is a rapist. We would have heard about it by now.

hana said...

This is a just wrong, pew isnt racist or homophobic just idiots in the media got worked up about him and like an echo chamber it repeats.

If you know who Daniel Tosh is on Comedy Central aka Tosh.0 show & the kind of jokes he makes, Felix (PewDiePie) is a low budget copy.

Jallen said...

You read it wrong.


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