Monday, September 11, 2017

Blind Item #9

The language coming out of the mouth of this actress from a very very very very very long running network show at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards was according to someone behind her, the worst language they had ever heard actually spoken out loud. The reason? A win by an arch enemy.


Morninglorri said...

Wendy M-C. Melissa mccarthy

Emmaf said...

Someone upset by Leah Remini winning?

ThisNThat said...

Very very very very long running usually means SNL. Who else was nominated against Melissa McCarthy?

shakey said...

She's a guest, not a regular.

Jules said...

Could it be Kristen Wiig? Or Wanda Sykes? I don't know that either of them has beef with Melissa McCarthy but I thought SNL too, and this is the category that makes the most sense.

Brainy said...

Nancy Cartwright voices Bart Simpson and is a SciCult member.

Leah Remini for the Emmy winner.


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