Friday, October 24, 2008

Four For Friday - Jackass & Kindness

#1 - Jackass - This foreign born B list film star who was shooting for A list before he started losing his hair and his box office mojo is apparently extremely sensitive about his hair. How much? Well, he was buying a suit a few weeks ago and the salesperson suggested a hat because he thought it would go well the suit. Our actor took it the wrong way though and took a good five minutes to yell at the offending salesperson before throwing the suit on the floor and kicking it around a little and then walking out the door.

#2 - Kindness - I guess she is a C list television actress, but until a few years ago would have been considered B list when she was on a long running hit comedy. Well, despite the fact she is married with child/ren, she finds the time each week to spend about 15 hours weekly serving food to homeless people. She does this in the mornings before then coming home and seeing her kids off to school. Often she will go again in the evenings and take her kids to help.

#3 - Jackass - B list television actress who used to be on a hit and is now on a new show. Not the most fun person to work with according to the crew. For someone who is lucky enough to have a career she sure loves to play the game of don't talk to me. Apparently unless you are a producer or director on the show, you are not allowed to speak directly to her. Well, the crew loves nothing more to talk to her anyway. They love doing this when they need a break because they know she will throw a tantrum and retreat to her dressing room for at least an hour.

#4 - Kindness - Former B list television actress. Now, she is still a B, but is not really doing anything. A list name recognition though. Oh, and she's married. Last year she gave away every penny she earned for a show she was working on. Every penny and it was a substantial sum. It is not like she is hurting for money, but she gave away well over $3M to charity.


dee said...

1. jude law.

no idea about the rest.

palealebrew10 said...

maybe #2 is julia louis-dreyfuss? at a loss.

amanda kay said...

1- jude law

3- debra messing

(pics!!plus they fit)

phillyphan said...

I'm going with Katie Sagal for #2 (Married With Children) and Shannon Dougherty on the new 90210 set for #3. I have no idea for #4, though kudos to her, and #1 could be any of these over-privileged, egocentric Hollywood azzoles who cannot accept normal human aging.

ali said...

I was going to say Ewan McGregor for #1, but Jude Law is a much better guess.

Debra Messing for #3

Anonymous said...

I'm on the Jude Law #1 train. (I'd be on Jude Law anyways.)

#2 - I'm thinking Laurie Metcalfe, she played Roseanne's sister.

#3 - I like Debra Messing for this.

#4 - Amazing. Expose her and I'll watch her show.

Dave said...

#4 - Lisa Kudrow? I'm just not sure what, if any, show she worked on last year. But it sounds like something she might do.

Allie said...

#4 Wild guess, Rosie O' Donnell?

mooshki said...

#1 breaks my heart (or some other part of my body) - he used to be so damned hot!!!

If #3 is Debra Messing, I REALLY want to join the crew of the show so I can mess with her too!

#4 Rebecca Romijn?

PotPourri said...

#1 = Jude Law
#2 = Katey Segal
#3 = Debra Messing as she had 1 hit show and is on another one. Shannon Doherty has had 2 hit shows and is on another one.
#4 = Rosie O'Donnel or Ellen DeGeneres?

lutefisk said...

Jude Law for #1--talk about bad karma.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

First thought for 1 was Jude Law.

2) I don't think it's Julia Louis Dreyfus. She's higher than C. I'd say at worst she is B. What about that chick from Everyone loves raymond? Patricia Heaton?

3) Sounds like Messing. I don't think it's Shannen. She's really only guesting on the new 90210.

4)no clue but that is great.

mooshki said...

Another #4, Lucy Lawless?

Kitty said...

#2 -- how about the actress who played Debra on Raymond.

#3 -- Messing was my first thought, too :)


Get a Life said...

#1 Jude sounds good
#2 The fat lady from Cheers
#3 Jennie Garth
#4 Tori Spelling

Unknown said...

1. Jude Law

2. Debra Messing, Laurie Metcalf is a good guess

3. Debra Messing also? LOL

4. Rosie O'donnell I bet

Liz Lemon said...

4. Courtney Cox?

CarolMR said...

#4 - Patricia Heaton? Last year she was on that show with Kelsey Grammer?

nancer said...

katie sagal for #2---i think the 'married with children' is a hint and it sounds like how i want her to be. she's currently on 'sons of anarchy' though and the blind doesn't mention that, so maybe not her. HOPE it's her.

gotta be jude law for #1. bald creep.

Brenda22 said...

1. Jude Law
2. Katie Segal
3. Kim Raver ( 24, now on Lipstick Jungle)
4. Rosie O'Donnel

farmgirl said...

1. Jude - fo sho
2. Patty Heaton
3. Debra Messing
4. Could be Ro - but is she a "tv actress?"
Lisa Kudro sounds good to me.

Joanne said...

1. Jude Law
3. Lindsay Price (90210, Lipstick Jungle)

d said...

Mooshski - Lucy Lawless is a great guess, for BSG.

mandythegreat said...

1) Jude Law
2) Katey Seagal
3) No Clue
4) Sarah Michelle Gellar?

mooshki said...

D, the only question is whether they could've afforded to pay her $3 million for her run. I just don't know enough about what tv actors get paid, especially for cable.

It's kind of nice that there are so many possibilities for the kindnesses - after a while you start to think that everyone in Hollywood is completely messed up. :)

tracyh said...

#4 Courtney Cox?

Enny said...

#1 is totally Jude Law. This is the first time I think I got one instantly! Yay!

Unknown said...

Ok I go Jude Law for number 1 also - i have no idea about the others but katy segal (or however her name is spelt) would be great for number 2

but the reason why i am commenting - check out the photos with Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie - jude law is the only one NOT in a hat - that made me giggle after the blind!

captivagrl said...

#2. Peri Gilpin(Roz/Frasier) was B now C lister, has 5yr old twins... just a guess

mooshki said...

Nice catch, Dragon! :)

captivagrl said...

#3. Lucy Liu/ Dirty Sexy Money?

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

I'm gonna have to say Bruce "Bruno" Willis for #1 - he was born in West Germany! And this sounds more like something he would do than Jude would.

Melissa said...

Courteney Cox would never be that nice, at least according to Lainey.

Mr. T said...

1. Def agree about Jude Law.

4. Dave: great guess about Lisa Kudrow!! She made so so so so so much money from Friends. I never liked the show at all but loved her in Romy & Michele's H.S. Reunion and, if this is her, think she's the bees knees.

Rake101 said...

4 is so generous! God bless people like her.

sillyme said...

1. Definitely Jude Law, Bruce Willis doesn't work b/c he is comfortable with his impending baldness.

2. Has to be Katie Sagal b/c of the married w/ children clue.

3. My guess is Debra Messing; she has a reputation for being both bulimic and a RAGING bitch.

4. Not a clue

kazoo said...

Another possibility for #1 -- Julian McMahon. Foreign born, sensitive about hair loss.

Beth said...

1 Jude Law

2 Patricia Heaton. She's very religious -- and not in a disingenuous way (and ignoring her politics) -- so this would seem to fit.

3 Debra Messing

4 Rebecca Romijn

Binky Melnik said...

Thanks, everyone, for offering up Jude Law. I'd been horrified that it was Jason Statham!

I'm *totally* with DNfromMN: if you tell us who it is, I'll watch whatever show she does next (even if it's Lisa Kudrow, but I'm more inclined to think it's Courtney Cox, who at least had a show for which she was paid last year ("Dirt"), and since she was both the lead and the producer, was likely paid handsomely).

kelliknows said...

The only one I thought of quickly was 3..Debra Messing. I guess that means I'm so jaded about celebrities, I have doubts if 2 and 4 are true..sad, huh?

Enny said...

1. jude law
2. julia louis dreyfus
3. debra messing
4. courteney cox

FrenchGirl said...

1# i'm agree with everyone Jude Law!
2# lisa Kudrow(phoebe's "friends")
3# debra messing?
4#Courtney Cox?

trashtalker said...

#4: Would Lucy be a former A list TV star? She was the lead of Xena for a long time.

How about Alyssa Milano, who did nine episodes of "My Name is Earl"?

#1 is TOTALLY Jude Law. Effin' crybaby.

Geebz said...

1. Jude Law

2. Katey Segal

3. Julia L Dreyfuss

4. Courtenay Cox-Arquette

Beth said...

It is NOT Jude Law for #1. He is NOT a B-lister--definitely A-list. I'm thinking Hugh Laurie though.

#2: Patricia Heaton

#3: Not sure, Debra Messing is good guess though. Can't see Julia Louis-Dreyfuss acting like a prima donna.

#4: No clue--I'll agree with Courtney Cox though.

Unknown said...

Sorry, it is completely Jude Law for the first one.
I also like Debra Messing for number 3.

Its sad I dont have better guesses for the kindness ones.

Patricia Heaton sounds plausible, I dont think its J L-D since she is on a new show now.

Courtney Cox sounds as good as any for number 4, esp since the only way I can think of that she made 3 million is that she is actress and producer on Dirt.

Julie said...

i was thinking russell crowe for #1.
yeah debra messing for 3
smg for 4, even though i can't see her as kind

Julie said...

ooo maybe 4 is neve campbell?

Morrighan said...

Oh *snort* Beth, Hugh Laurie as a B? And getting all worked up is not his style. He's the ultimate self-deprecating British man.

I so want Lucy for #4. She's adorable. Would she have made that much money on BSG?

ktmonster said...

1- jude law
2-julia louise dryfus,katey segal or roz from cheers
3-debra messing
4-patty heaton

cricket said...

1 Jude Law
2 Katey Sagal
3 Debra Messing
4 I have no clue

Enny said...

I know ENT has his own system that I don't pretend to fully understand, but by anyone's standards, to be an A-list actor you need to be bankable, so much so in fact that you can open a film yourself, that merely your name on a picture is enough to turn a tidy profit. Although there may have been a time that Jude Law fit that description, he could not open a movie himself anymore. No way. He is B-list. And he is the answer to #1.

Diaboli said...

"Hugh Laurie as a B? And getting all worked up is not his style. He's the ultimate self-deprecating British man."

I COMPLETELY agree. Hugh Laurie was very famous over here before he hit America and is 100% not an arsehole. Stephen Fry is a close friend of his and I really doubt they would be close at all if Laurie was a bastard.

Tapi said...

3. what about kate walsh? she was on grey's, now on private practice

hunter said...

I'm with everyone on 1 and 3

Unknown said...

what about jamie lynn siegler for #3?

a 'hit' show could mean sopranos... in more ways than 1- and she's on Entoroge (sp)


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