Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday means Four For Friday so it will be coming up later today. I thought you would all find the hints to be more helpful, but in some cases I guess that did not occur. Perhaps I will steer you in a more understandable direction later for the ones you still are having trouble deciphering.

Since I have no prohibition on Nicky Hilton let me tell you that she is going to be at the Golden Globes on Monday night. I cannot wait to talk about her and she who must not be named on Tuesday's blog. I do not know if I want them close to me or the other side of the room. It is kind of like an accident. Should I look? Should I just pretend to not care?

Posh Spice in Playboy? Yesterday, Hugh Hefner made a very public offer to Posh to take part in her very own Playboy pictorial. In addition, the two believable girlfriends of Mr. Hefner also stated they wanted to do a pictorial with Posh and they have big plans for her and her alien body. I think she will pass on the opportunity to become a third, but think she will actually do the solo pictorial. On the link is a video from Hef making the offer.

"Hi, I am Siena Miller and for the past six months you may have noticed I talk about sex a lot. I talk about how it is now with my alleged boyfriend and how it was with all my ex-boyfriends. But, really what I am most proud of is my extremely realistic sex scene in my upcoming movie. Now, I understand no one really wants to see the movie. They just want to see the sex scene. So, to save you the time and trouble of actually going to the movie theatre, I am just going to let you see my sex scene. And for those of you at work, it is not safe. Remember it is realistic." (EL's note - you may have to click on the screen to get it started)

Pam Anderson thinks Sacha Baron Cohen should get a Golden Globe for Borat. I agree, so the world must be about to end. Pamela wants to also get involved in more issues worldwide. This is new LA codespeak for I am going to adopt a few babies also so watch out.

That guy from the "cat" blind item is allegedly getting married this weekend. Two pieces of advice for Ms. Moss. If you are arguing over who the best man is going to be, this is probably not going to work out. If you are always doing things at your house or your vacation home because he spent all his money on drugs this is another sign that things might not work out. Now, I could be wrong. I am sure there are a long line of drug fueled, money hungry marriages that have lasted a lifetime.

K-Fed is not getting $50 million or anything even close despite what all the "insiders" say.

Take one guy from four different boy bands and put them together. What do you get? A reality show that actually looks interesting.

Ummm, Courteney Cox says there will never be a Friends reunion show. I say she is wrong and that there will be one within the next two years. You say, EL, she would know. And I say, yes she would and she is not going to say anything to distract people from her new show Dirt. The reunion show will happen.

Last, but certainly not least are some congrats to Spicy over at celebritysmack who is having her very first radio interview over the weekend. She is a great person and manages to juggle even more than me to make her blog work. Spicy does not want you to confuse her with Posh Spice or the pictorial with the Girls Next Door and does not want to be any closer than necessary to the alien.


bmini said...

So Petie used to sell his body for drugs...

radiogirl said...

shocking, just shocking. ;),

bmini said...

Hey Ent.. you promised to reveal who L is. C'mon, we still want to know who she is.

Femme Cafe said...

thanks EntL.
I always thought there would be a Friends reunion....none of them has been that successful after it ended. They need it. Initially I think Jen Anniston thought she'd leave, become a big movie star and not have to be "rachel" again but alas that didn't happen (Break up did well coz of Vince not Jen) so a reunion makes sense.

as for K-Fed, I know you know Ms Brit EntL but K-Fed has a pretty good chance now... doesn't he? and he will get partial custody of those kids... I don't see him every relinquishing that.

jcolette said...

who was "L" again....It would help if eh had a link to ALL th blind items from the start of this blog...just to refresh my memnory..I have tried going back to see teh mv one and others but they arent showing....
a loink would be mostly appreciated!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

@ femme cafe
I still think MV is Britney.

L was the dignified old lady who some idiot attempted to evict.
And that's puttin it mildly.

The jigsaw boyband thing was recently tried in the UK resulting in 'Upper Street'....yeah... WHO? I hear u ask? They sucked.

Dunno why Posh is idolised in the US.... she is such a joke in UK.... a rich joke....hmmm, so maybe its bitterness and fembot issues?

Anonymous said...

Isnt' Courtney's DIRT gonna be cancelled? Or bombing??


Femme Cafe said...

@anon 10.34am
I believe MV is Britney but I'm not sure from what EntL has said before about him not talking about his "friends". EntL has a contact in Brit's circle does that make Brit a "friend"?

lizz said...

I don't think MV is Britney. He has mentioned meeting with her in the past and specifically mentioned her business smarts. Also, it's fairly common knowledge that she lip syncs when she's on tour and I got the impression that with MV it would be a huge shocker.

And since we know he fudged the years I don't think that's helpful at all.

Femme Cafe said...

@ Lizz, you're right... It can't be Brit..... i now remember that post about "brits smarts"

twizzlers said...

speaking of dirt. am i the only one who thinks this blog is a viral marketing campaign for Dirt? it started around the same time as the show pre-buzz, jumped the shark around the same time, and seems to be written by different people with varying levels of success. i'm not here to hate, it's kind of a fascinating blog to watch; but the proverbial grain of salt grows ever larger.

and yeah, if it bothers me so much, i could stop reading. i'm not asking ENT for a justify-"his"-existence, i just want to know what you all think.

Femme Cafe said...

@twizzlers said... 11:09 AM

I don't think so. Just a coincidence. Dirt is = US, Life&Style etc etc...... this is blind reads and even more fun guessing if only we could know if were getting the guesses right...

JeeezeLouise said...

This is not the first time EL has said that FedEx is not going to get anywhere near the $$ numbers being bandied about, so I suspect he has some insight into the financial aspects of that relationship.

Twizzlers, awhile back I was truly thinking and hoping this was an ARG, but El shot me down on that. Since ARGs and virals are essentially the same device, the former being staged primarily for the game aspect and the latter staged primarily for the advertising/commercial aspect, I am inclined to doubt this is viral, as well.

Besides, if it were a viral, by now there'd have been some reveals, clearly pointing to the thing being advertised. The life of an ARG is generally about 8 weeks (except in the really huge games), the life of a viral campaign, even less.

Anonymous said...

The 'Brits business smarts' could be an untruth as well. She has good lawyers and accountants.... people to do her 'business' thinking for her.

What we see is all her. She'd hav to b some kind of genius to pull the stunts she's been pulling on purpose.... come on.... we have seen a sample of her school work AND her cooch....she is no genius.

She is MV....jus coz everyone knows she lip syncs does not mean it wldnt be a shock.

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 11:33

I, for one, would not be surprised at all the learn that FedEx conspired with Paris.

"Keep her wasted night after night, encourage her to do really stupid stuff - you get the 'razzi attention you live on, and I look better in divorce court!"

I believe FedEx knows Scott Storch. Such a conversation could have taken place ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG @ JeeezeLouise
I didnt think of that!
I found it strange she carried on so long with the self-destruct....
Consecutive days of cooch-flash... Ent said she read this cld she have missed the FIRST time her parts were plastered on the net?? or the 2nd? or 3rd?!

KFed u dog!
Coz he does come out looking better now doesnt he?!

twizzlers said...

Jeez, yes, i remember that (very interesting) convo; but i've recently seen cases wherein viral marketing is done to just drive consistent and steady consumer appetite for products including those of blog sponsor. so, in addition to the FX show Dirt, this could be a blog paid for and managed by Bauer (although I doubt it), Star, People, and others.

Anonymous said...

KFed also knew Johnny Rotem...didnt stop him bedding a still married Brit eh?...guess u cant win em all Kev

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 11:52

When a relationship or friendship doesn't make sense, consider who is benefitting most from it.

Paris *needs* the 'razzi attention because that's ALL she is famous for - being famous.

And FedEx, of course, came out looking quite good in comparison to Brit.

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 11:56,

Who benefitted most from that little fling? ;)

Dorothy said...

Anyone read the BI over at Perez? It's the same as the one EL had the other day about the guy cheating on his wife at lunch... except Perez gave enough clues to understand. Mel Gibson. No surprises there.

Spicy Pants! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spicy Pants! said...

Thanks for the plug darling!



Virgo74 said...

You know what? ENTL did say that we were looking too much into the blind items and see? That was too obvious about good old cracky Pete.

Who in the world wants to see Kate Moss? Let me know. Yuck, she never smiles and never eats.

Who cares about Nicky Hilton? She does stay low key though.

KK (Krazy Kevin) he needs to go back to dancing and think about getting a REAL JOB!!! It amazes me that he claims he wants the kids, but has two others ones that he does not want at all. Darn loser. Did you see the article where he was trying to sell his clothes and they would only give him a store credit? $1600. Can't even get lucky at that.

I did not like the show Friends, and I would not want to see a sequel.

Virgo74 said...

Sorry, I meant Posh. Early in the morning. I would not want to see her. She should fit right into the scene of LA.

AML said...

June 2013. Yep. Never happened.