Thursday, January 11, 2007

Britney Update and so much more. I think for this afternoon's post I will just post one or two blind items because some hints are needed. So you can definitely look forward to that in a little bit.

So, I finally got a phone call returned from my "friend" and I asked the questions you wanted. I did not always get the answers, but I got the general idea. The guy she was with this past weekend is nothing serious. She does not want anything serious. She just wants to date and have fun, but not be as wild. She really felt like she missed out for two years solid of her life by having back to back babies. She does not understand why she cannot date people with no hidden meanings or thinking they are going to be with her forever. She went from one serious relationship to another and had children and feels the only thing odd is that each and every step she takes is photographed. There is nothing sordid going on in allowing Kevin to have some time with his kids and have joint custody. His parenting skills have never been seriously questioned. There were not many specifics about the children offered which I can understand. NYE was a combination of too much going on, too many people to entertain, too little sleep, a long night, and the stress of the previous month. It was just too much all at once. She is excited about her new CD (had to get the plug in) and is always working on it even when not in the studio. I could tell this is something she is really proud of. Oh, and as a final note, she does not think she is the worst dressed person in the world, but is never going to be the best and does not really care.

So, you go into a restaurant you have never been to before and ask for some recommendations. A wonderful idea and often the waiter's will be happy to help. You take the waiter's recommendations and when the food is delivered, eat one bit of soup and let the rest just sit there. If you weren't going to eat the food Kate Bosworth and were not going to take it home, then why the big production? Not a lot to say in this comment, but the article has a hint so I could not let it slide.

David Arquette speaks out about Jennifer Aniston. First I am shocked Courtney let him go on Howard Stern. Well actually I am surprised she let him speak. But, he did good and actually revealed more in a few minutes with Howard then any magazine or gossip blog managed to get in a year.

You know the world is ending when David Gest lands his own television show. At least we will get to meet his housemaid Vaginica. (yes, really her name)

So when you are the Extreme Makeover doctor, you basically just move from one Playboy model to the next. I am actually a little worried about the future of Dr. Makeover because of who Ms. Canseco was previously married to, and the tell-all book she wrote about that marriage. Doc, you might want to think that one over again.

In order to try and get some type of publicity, the Kim Kardashian alleged sex tape rears its ugly head again. Why is it back? Because someone made up some new stuff about it including the fact Kim and Ray-J are trying to sell it for a million bucks. (Not going to happen), Oh, and that there is a golden shower at the end. Who does it to whom is unknown. (Lovely). I also love how Nick Lachey is considered her ex. I guess the one time they went out to dinner was enough to make him an ex.

In order to keep my promise to Lindsay Lohan and find some good news to report, I went to her official website. Not some website maintained by 18 year old wanna be stalkers. One would think that any publicist worth a nickel would make sure the website was updated at least weekly if not more often. They should be scouring the earth looking for any paragraph that praises Ms. Lohan. Alas, the thing has not been updated since November 2005. I guess this is why they have not got back to me about my offer to make this a love fest week for Lindsay. Seriously, I am too lazy to check and see who her publicist is, but they should be fired. So, I say to myself, Lindsay is a big writer. We all know she loves to take pen to paper or stylus to Blackberry and just wax poetic. So, I clicked on her journal and it was last updated in 2003. Well, I moved on over to the charity link. Surely, ms. Lohan has been involved in charitable good works. Something that a KINDNESS item could be written about. Well it seems that yes she has been involved in charitable functions. The most recent took place in January 2002. What was she then? 12?

Being the cynical guy I am, I figured that if I click on the store link, it will be updated and ready to go. Everyone wants money and that is a good way. Well everything is older than ________ (fill in your own joke) But then I realized that it was not a publicist who was at fault, but perhaps Ms. Lohan herself. The reason? In the very first item for sale, the word separate is spelled seperate. I just do not think that is adiquite. Check out the site and the store for yourself. Photos are from her website so hopefully they will not sue.


Anonymous said...

Come on Ent... Be Adequite! Why the lovefest again? Did I miss something? The Evil Beet had an interesting theory on why she was in hospital....

'MV' update plz? Jus a lil crumb?


Anonymous said...

Okay that picture doesn't even closely resemble the Brittney we all see now - amazing what a photoshop artist can do- wish I could hire one for my candids!!!

Anonymous said...

Britney does not care. I got that. tell me what I always suspected about Britney.. is she retarted? or next door to retarted?
people who are, are very sweet indivuals but have'nt a clue how they present them selves to the public and how they come across. They also get taken advantage of big time.

JeeezeLouise said...

The proper spelling is "retarded". And the apostrophe in a contraction belongs where the missing letter(s) would have been, like "haven't".

Glad to help.

JeeezeLouise said...

UKgrrl, EL gave LiLo a free pass for a week, for her selfless work in preventing Marilyn Manson from procreating. See his January 9 post ;)

Anonymous said...

Is Britney retarded?

I would like to know that too from someone who has worked with her or is in her inner circle. Her interview with Matt Lauer got me convinced she is mentally slow or has stopped matureing , she seems to be stuck at age 14.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze Louise ...

I know misspelling but.. back to the question Am I the only who thinks Britney is next door to retarded?

Anonymous said...

@ Jeeeze
I honestly thought Ent was joking!
LiLO has certainly missed out big... and she could have done wid some positivity sent her way right now....
Short of giving her a cool mil in diamonds (scott storch is so whipped) our Ent's love is the next best thing surely!

Ask Hez...lmao


Anonymous said...

I really like the fact that you're now acting as Spears' publicist and pretending the overdose never happened.


Anonymous said...

Ent can Storch me any time. It just so happens that bling is my favourite colour.

Anonymous said...

you people are moronic. first of all that picture is from 2003 before she met kevin and had kids. YES bitch looked that good (with or without photoshop) something that none of you will ever experience. I'd also like to add that everyone and their mother uses photoshop - inluding celebs like Angelina Jolie, and Parasite Hilton.

Anyway good to hear her fling with the new guy is just that - a fling. although he is very very hot and maybe should be kept for a little longer.

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! This is soo funny!! I appreciate the ENTL dry humor.

Keep up the good work!!! Rock on!!!

Anonymous said...

please STOP using old pics of Brit...she doesn't look like that anymore and hasn't for years now.



Anonymous said...

you know ENTY I thought you were cool but it seems you're just an undercover Britney lover. Bitch is in the public eye. She stole a pregnant woman's man just to get herself knocked up TWICE. only now to complain about it. you know it's not like she was prego @ 18...she was 22/23!!!



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