Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If you are looking for hints and clues for yesterday then you will have to wait until Friday when some will be revealed. This afternoon I will post a couple of blind items and possibly a story that I am still trying to check out. It involves Beyonce and Jay-Z and is HUGE. It could explain so many things about their relationship.

See, everyone is tired of the Rosie and Donald story and everything that goes with it. I am just leaving all of it to the great people over at Page Six and their New York brethren. On this site we dig for dirt that examines the underbelly of the gossip world including 25 year old allegations concerning William Shatner trying to kiss a woman. I think sexual harassment is abhorrent, but what is the point in waiting 25 years to say that William Shatner tried to kiss you?

Do you think the reason Kylie Minogue won best dressed female this year is because she wore clothes, while Kate Moss has a tendency not to?(NSFW) I agree Kylie is an incredible dresser, and deserves it. You have to realize that many of these best dressed and sexiest men alive, etc. are all compiled by which publicist can kiss the most ass of the various editors involved. The top of the lists can be held sacrosanct, but the rest is in return for interviews or exclusive invitations to events and premieres. It is all just a game. That being said, I am thrilled for anything positive that happens to Kylie.

I would have never guessed that male porn stars took Viagra. Jenna Jameson is just glad she got out of the porn industry before it got too out of hand. I guess she is okay with everything else that goes on. She must think that Viagra cheapens the experience or makes porn seem less realistic. Well I for one have always thought it was all real so am glad she told me that some people are faking it.

Well I for one never thought I would be giving Lindsay Lohan a standing ovation. First there was her miracle cure from appendicitis, and now she has thwarted Marilyn Manson's attempt to procreate. Lindsay along with many others called up Manson each night wanting to come over and party. Manson who is alleged to have a drug problem was very happy to oblige. Thus, Dita von Teese who wants to have a baby was never able to get Marilyn alone. Therefore no spawn as of yet. Thank you Lindsay Lohan. For that you get a free pass for a week There will be no links to you alleging drug or alcohol use. No use of the word firecrotch or Blohan. We will not reprint allegations of promiscuity whether it be with a man or woman. There will be no stories about your ex boyfriends. No snide comments about Wilmer and your mom. No photos will be shown of you in a bikini or revealing side boob. No upskirt photos or anything unflattering. No gossip vaguely designed as a blind item. If you are Lindsay Lohan's publicist, this is the week to get in touch. For one week it will be the most sunshiney, happ happiest stories I can find about you and your life.

Yes, the article is about Matthew McConaughey and how he woos women. No word on if this would be the same if he wooed men. The reason I linked to the story is that the man owns three trailers and he picks and chooses which one each lady will get to visit. If any other man said, "honey I got three double-wides and one of them has your name all over it" that woman would be out of there unless you were paying her or giving her one of the trailers. Do you think he bought them or took them from his movies? Are they themed by movie role or by sexual escapade?

Another wedding in which no one really cares. Courtney Thorne-Smith got married last weekend in which it appears that the only people present were the couple and the official marrying them. You know it is bad when the press does not care if you got married. But isn't even worse when your family does not care enough to come? And why did they get a confidential marriage license? If they had gone the regular route, they might have earned the crawl on E. In this scenario, they just get bloggers like me writing a few lines. Summer School seems so long ago when I had that crush.


WTF said...

What year is that picture of Hohan? She looks almost good there.

annie said...

ooooh! Please, I can't wait for the Beyonce gossip!!

JeeezeLouise said...

OT: Remember ARGs? I just got an email asking if I'm "ready to play" that links to www.enter-geist.com

Def a commercial production and def relatively beginner level, as the site makes no secret of it being an ARG and actually explains what ARGs are ;)

The binary on the front page decodes to "Love pain envy hate infatuation fear warmth devotion awareness tears laughter trutheva"

Free to play!

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest very reasonably that the McBongo 'wooing' account is no more than the usual PR psycho-babble.

Designed to make our man look straighter than that line at the top of the page.

The only thing is...does anyone give a rat's ass anymore?

NARC said...


bionic bunny! said...

i'd forgotten CTS in "summer school". with a very, very sexy mark harmon.
thanks, ent, for that blast o' the past!
btw, love, love, love the site, even when some of the blinds keep me awake at night.

on another note, this be my first post, so , hey, y'all

Virgo74 said...

Poor Courtney. She has been around for a minute too!! Too bad no one cared.