Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can I Get An Actor To Get Caught With A Tranny On Sunset Please?

There is really nothing going on today at all.
Britney went to the dentist again. I guess no one has heard of a followup appointment. When she decides to go dancing again or to Starbucks, let me know. It really is ridiculous. Including this blog, at least 8 blogs as of now are talking about Britney going to the dentist.

Let's take a look at what X17 wrote on their blog.

----X17 just witnessed, approximately 45 minutes ago, Britney Spears being driven by her bodyguard in her black Escalade SUV to the Century City hospital she visited on Sunday. We're awaiting details from our photographers on the scene and we'll be updating you as soon as possible.----

They make it sound like it's a life threatening emergency. Hey, maybe she got a dry socket. Those hurt really bad I guess. I know that I prayed every night that I wouldn't get one. You know what? Maybe Britney's dentist is really hot and so she will be going back there once a week and then people can talk about she needs help or is seeing someone for all her problems.
I went to the dentist a few weeks ago but didn't see X17 or the guys from TMZ there. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have 50 cameras stuck in my face just after I got that really troublesome wisdom tooth pulled.

I think Britney is doing much better, and slowly the paps will pull away. The problem in the gossip world is that it seems we only concentrate on a group of twenty-thirty people. I think the paps should find a bunch of B listers and just start following them. New people, new problems, new relationships. It would be like starting a brand new show. We could cancel Lindsay and Paris and Sienna (speaking of which, why does anyone care about her?) and just come up with a bunch of new faces.


B :) said...

What about no more Brit Brit posts unless she posts it on her website? said...

You should have titled this entry
"Britney's Dry Socket"

Heh heh. said...

Watch out, ENT...everytime H-Wood gets quiet like this...somebody ends up dying or screwing Lindsey or both.

Jem said...

Urgh. Sienna is so boring. I agree, the reason I like celebrity gossip is because its a soap opera thats updated whenever I want to read about it.