Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ted C Made Someone Mad With A Blind Item--E Building Evacuated Due To A Bomb Threat--and Some Links

E Online building evacuated due to a bomb threat. The employees were outside about an hour. Wonder if there are any pics of Ryan without makeup. I heard Ted C was screaming for toothy tile to come give him mouth to mouth.

Mary Kate looking absolutely normal and well, she is dressed normal. It's a start. This is the MK I remember. Thanks to popsugar for the photo. They have more.

Does Lindsay Lohan even know who the Dead Kennedys are?

Joel Madden talks about Hilary Duff. Actually it was written by People so it was probably just a letter from a publicist they are passing off as an interview.


Anonymous said...

LiLo probably thinks the Dead Kennedys are just two hot, rich, powerful brothers she never got to f*ck.

(There's always Teddy, hon! Or maybe William Kennedy Smith is more her style)

Anonymous said...

lohan is so dumb. i don't doubt for one second that she has no idea who the dead kennedy's are and has prob. never heard the music.

Anonymous said...

Ted told me to do it!

He said it'd be 'cool'.

Anonymous said...

I would totally change my opinion about that skank whore of a loser drug addict Lyndsay "herpes" Hohan if she wore GG ALLIN t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Jake? Is that you?????

Anonymous said...

Yes, La Lohan is never "Too Drunk to Fuck"!!

Anonymous said...

Since Ryan got an escort out, I'd bet it wasn't Teddy C who inspired the call.

Anonymous said...

EL, tell us what you know about Toothy and his bf!!!


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