Friday, March 30, 2007


Christina made fans angry by lip-syncing during a recent concert in NYC. I guess they would have been happier if she canceled the concert.

Hey Ashlee Simpson believes John and Jessica are a couple. Of course Ashlee is with Pete Wentz so she probably has a very broad definition of couple. I just wanted Ashlee to say something in the article like, "I know they are a real couple because my dad watched them do it." Of course it isn't in the article. It is in People, so Joe probably wrote it himself. So have you heard the rumor that Joe and Tina have been divorced for over a year? Interesting rumor.

Isla Fisher with a baby? Mel, you're supposed to be first with Aussie news. I'm disappointed. I'm also disappointed that Isla made this announcement in one of CDAN's top five places to get sloshed. No offense Suk. Everyone likes Mood, but to get your drink on you really need to visit the animal and musical instrument bars.

Becks and Posh get matching haircuts. No word on whether Becks is going to get his nipples enlarged as well.


Anonymous said...

He was apparently BLATANTLY checking out some next girl... so much so Posh walked out. Yeah right. That poor dumb man is doomed. He so obviously loves curvier women... but its RoboPosh for dinner for the rest of his days! Ha!

(oh and kate moss when he can get away with it. What is up with that?! #1 She is NASTY! #2 Pete's done her. Double eww!)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Tina and Pimp Daddy are divorced. I don't think I've ever seen her.

Anonymous said...

Please expose the Simpson's!!! Get more information please!!!

Anonymous said...

I want Posh's LBD in the divorce settlement and I'll even wear a bra with it! GAC

Anonymous said...

Boy, her hair is getting so bad her comb-over rivals that of the Donald.

Anonymous said...

"No word on whether Becks is going to get his nipples enlarged as well"

oh, ent! you slay me!

come to think of it, if his soccer career is put on hold, he'll have to do SOMETHING to bring in the bucks!


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