Monday, March 12, 2007

Links--So Many Ways To Look Busy

Heather Mills goes to dinner with a guy and then the next day takes Sir Paul's offer. Heather Mills decided $56M US was enough to live on. In addition, now that she has decided to drop the sole custody thing she will only have to spend all that money on her daughter 50% of the time. I love how when any newspaper over there does a story about her and money, they always figure out how much she is getting per hour they were married. Paul, you would have saved yourself a ton of money and aggravation if you had just paid her by the hour in the first place. She had no idea what to do with you 24/7.

David Schwimmer has run out of women in the US who say no to his advances so he found someone in the UK who has said yes for the last two months. The newspaper says it is love. I say it is just because everyone else always says no.

Britney Spears has bulimia. Uh huh. With all that throwing up and all that cocaine you really would think that Britney would be like Kate Moss thin. Maybe she is not suffering from those two afflictions, but instead is suffering from something else. $150K for photos of Britney Spears and her naked butt.

Comedian Richard Jeni commits suicide.

Kate Moss calls her daughter her "Mini-Me" and her "partner in crime." Kate's philosophy as a parent seems to be to start them young on their way to self-destructive behavior.


Anonymous said...

Actually most bulimics tend to be of normal weight, not always stick thin.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what Britney's been doing - but that said, bulimics aren't always thin. That's anorexia. People who do coke and or meth aren't always thin either. Sometimes they make up their calories in alcohol and cheetoes. Check out a few episodes of "Intervention". Kate Moss has been thin since Day 1 - a great metabolism, anorexia or coke or whatever, she doesn't vary. Britney's weight jumps up and down - bulimia sounds very likely to me - and reports of her drug use pre-date her having children. If her PR team spins her rehab stay as a case of "postpartum depression" gone apeshit they will be doing her no favors. said...

Um..."Ross" is dating a 12 year old!

bionic bunny! said...

i just saw the richard jeni story on the news. he was one funny dude. what a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

It's very possible she's suffering from alcohol and cocaine addictions in an attempt to medicate herself due to being BIPOLAR. Also, the compulsive lying would be symptomatic of being BIPOLAR.


Lara said...

Look, why don't Ent and whoever is writing some of these entries these days just come out and admit that there is someone else writing?

The vaguely-obnoxious and bitchy tone these items are increasingly taking is making it more and more obvious.

Virgo74 said...

I think that this is all a cover for her drug and alcohol problem. The post partum, the bulimia, is all spun by her PR team to get her sympathy so that when she continues with her career, she will have fans to support her.

All of the bathroom runs, even pulling over to a rest room, are all unusual.

I am very interested in knowing why they are even leaking out her personal business anyway! I would sue personally, and then place myself into another rehab on the East Coast or Midwest.


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