Friday, March 16, 2007


Bobby Brown copies Flava Flav's dating show. One big difference is that Bobby thinks Flav's show was too classy and empowered women too much. Bobby wants to really be trashy. Wants woman to serve him food while they walk around in thong bikinis. I'm guessing Whitney didn't do that.

It doesn't take 3 days to sober up or to recover from a hangover. Can you spell R to the E to the H to the A to the B?

Veronica Mars has been canceled. Everyone including me had assumed it really was in hiatus. When the showrunner doesn't know it is going to be canceled, then everyone gets sandbagged. The first news I heard of it was in the sobbing voicemail a client left on my phone last night.

Lisa Kudrow gets a job.

"Don't call me, Larry." Well actually I guess you could call because I want to know everything!!


Anonymous said...

Save Veronica Mars

Faerie said...

OK seriously TAKE THAT EFFIN CALL please EL.

I need to know so I can sleep at night.

thanks xoxox me

Anonymous said...

I think that you're missing some puctuation in "Don't call me, Larry."

For a moment I thought your name might be Lawrence.....

FrancesDanger said...

I'm sad about Veronica Mars. It really is one of the best shows on TV.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been cancelled yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CW-suck, for ruining my favorite show.

Anonymous said...

12:58 you're right, they're just talking about reformatting although cancellation is always possible, just hasn't been decided yet. This is BS.

Anonymous said...

Season 1 Veronica Mars was the best damn season of television I may have ever seen. Season 2 was not as mind blowingly great, but still A+ TV.

Season 3 with all the network interference and the push to make it 'soapier' to grab the Gilmore Girls audience and the killing off of one of my favourite characters (SOB!)...well, unless it comes back in this new format that's being discussed, maybe it's better off dead.

Sort of similar to how Buffy should have ended at season 5.


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