Friday, March 16, 2007

Britney Update For Friday--She Looks Good

X17 has some great photos and video of Britney playing tennis with an unidentified male. It is not the whack job from yesterday. X17 must have taken videos and phtos the entire time because there are so many and she only played for 8 minutes. Look at the smile on her face, and she is drinking water rather than Coke. The new wig looks pretty cool also.

Kevin & Britney are just friends according to US Weekly.

4 comments: said...

Is it humanly possible to drink 24 Cokes in a day? I submit that it is not,your Honor

Faerie said...

~cough~ BULLSHIT ~cough~ on the JT still loving her ass...

I concur with brenda on the coke issue. No sidebar needed.

Anonymous said...

i could come close with diet coke, but i'd be so wired i wouldn't sleep for weeks! southern folk DO drink a lot of coke, so i can see her downing a few. then again, every time i tell mr. bunny to buy a CASE of cokes, he comes home with a 12 pack. so maybe that's it. also, don't ask me how i know, but for some bizarre reason, re-habs allow smokes and caffiene, and she'd need a lot to make get that buzz.

oh, and she looks pretty good with clothes on!

Anonymous said...

^ and the wig is cute. at least at a distance.

hope she gets it together.


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