Friday, April 27, 2007

US Weekly Hot Hollywood 2007

So while I was being stood up. "She's not feeling well." All my friends and at least three of my future ex-wives were at this party.

Do you honestly think I would say something bad or snarky about Ali Larter? Besides she looks great. I would have made her wear her hair down, but still.
Ashlee Simpson just looks like every other wannabe now. Her nose made her distinctive. If she were an actress it would be Jennifer Grey all over again. I really liked It's Like You Know... and was seriously upset when it got taken off the air.
Amber Tamblyn is a very popular guess isn't she? I will say that ZX has a tattoo and look, Amber has one. Hmmmmm. ECA.

Lesbian or straight, it is Carmen Electra and she is someone that both teams can truly love.

I like it. I really like it. I hate it in purple and some of the colors of the rainbow David Arquette wears, but this is cool.

In every photo, Jennifer Lopez has the wonky look going in the face. I guess she's trying to be sexy, but to me it's like she's taken too much Ambien.

"Leave the guy already. I'm 65 and fat, I can't hold out forever."

WireImage took 55 photos of Lindsay Lohan. 55 different photos of her hair getting bigger and bigger.
"We really are famous even without Justin." Lance looks like he's getting fondled by JC.
This is the same damn dress Paris wore the other night just in a different color. The tan didn't apply very evenly either.
Ryan Seacrest is out (of it). Good god, were they just passing out stuff to everyone as they came into the party?


kiki said...

Are David Arquette and Courtney Cox breaking up? a sure sign is when their significant other does not accompany them on the red carpet.

Pinky said...

Guess who else has a tattoo?

Twisted Sister said...

Ashley Simpson looks like she went to the cosmetic surgeon and asked to look like one of the Olsen twins.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez has been doing the "Liz Taylor circa 1967" look since she debuted that green one-shouldered dress and the cleopatra makeup when she was dating Ben Affleck. She's still wearing that same style. It make her looks old and out of date. Everytime I think of her it reminds me of my parents Avecado 1970s kitchen applianes. Her look belongs in the Smithsonian.

Libby said...

I loved "It's Like...You know.." too! Another good show, long gone.

Anonymous said...

When is Ashlee Simpson going to release another record of her work. I can't believe a musical artist with her talent isn't brimming with new songs to release. It must be all those hollywood events she is forced to attend to financially support her musical ambitions. Also, her publicity romance must be a burden to her time as well. I always thought she could be a Janis Joplin for the new century.

Anonymous said...

The 11:45 comment sounds like the words of a publicist, but never mind.
Why did ENT write 'hey' to the photo of Ali Larter. Could she be his car stealing friend?


NARC said...

"55 different photos of her hair getting bigger and bigger."



Anonymous said...

her dress and purse are severly FUG -- and cheap looking. IDK about that pic. Makes me doubt

Anonymous said...

EL Paris often wears the same dress different color..or the same style dress, which bugs the hell out of me.


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