Friday, May 18, 2007

Cannes Photos

I don't care how much of an exhibitionist you are this has got to be tough. You think she's imagining them all in her underwear or do her red boots give her magical protection?

1. Deer in the headlights.

2. Jessica wanted her breasts hanging from her ears also.

Two photos of Jessica Simpson in one post means photos of Marcus Schenkenberg for a little balance.

Even when barefoot, Pamela Anderson pretends she's wearing heels.

Sophie Marceau is ageless.

35 drinks with your mother and all the jokes about your dad seem funny.


Twisted Sister said...

Geeze louise! Are those baggy, Jane Fonda exercise warm ups around BL's ankles, or are her pants pulled down?

bionic bunny! said...

is that jess's sister? and why is she staring down her top? classic.

WTF said...

Things are pretty bad when Bai Ling and Pam Anderson look classier than Jessucka Simpson.

Kiki said...

Jesscia and John Mayer break up ! I am in shock..shock I tell you. look at her mouth ! you could shove a lot of XXX into that.

Anonymous said...

Why do American actresses insist on doing their face work in the US? Don't they see that there are people getting better work done overseas? Look at Sophie Marceau, Binoche, Beart, to quote some very good examples that a little is more. Adjani on the other side, lived in New York around the time she got her face first tweaked and the damage is done, some parts will never move again.

Anonymous said...

Bejesus! She looks like a coke head. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

She's an annoying mess. Both Nick and John must be thanking the heavens above that they don't have to stare at her gaping maw anymore.


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