Friday, May 04, 2007

Haylie Duff -- Kim Kardashian My Space Fight

So, I got this e-mail from Cindy and I'm really too lazy to go through and see if everything is what it says. There are lots of links so it should be a cool way to kill a Friday though, so have fun. I personally have my doubts, especially since Haylie is spelled wrong.

On Hailey Duffs Myspace she posted a blog bashing KimKardashian, saying:

"Stuff like this REALLY PISSES ME OFF. I try to reach out and be nice and instead it just gets shoved backin my face. This is why you should never move to Hollywood, the place is full of arrogant, immature, and offensive bitches who can't hold their liquor and can't keep their legs closed."

She also put like two screenshots of messages between Kimberly and Hailey and the messages are from Kimberlys official MySpace.

Hailey Myspace link:
Kimberly Myspace link:
Blog bashing Kimberly link:
I thought it was a fake Hailey profile at first but she has a proof sign and she's on Billie Piper and Kimberly Stewarts top friends.....that must mean something

Billie Piper:
Kimberly Stewart:

If you use this information please credit Cindy.


kiki said...

I think its fake. but it were on the level.. geezee a whore calling the other one a slut @@

ambersumiko said...

Are you sure this isn't a roleplaying thing? What's a proof sign?

Jem said...

This is actually on a few blogs like ...I actually commented Haylie's blog yesterday. If its really her, and I am sure it is, then I feel bad for her.

A proof sign is when you take a photo of yourself holding up a sign with your myspace name on it to show that its really your page.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a MySpace fight... how 9th grade.

Maybe she'll drop her out of her Top 8.

Anonymous said...

who is this cindy girl? she's also credited with emailing it to and possibly more sites that i'm unaware of (only go to these 2 sites, but odd that the same girl is credited on both, non?)

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me why anyone older than 13 has a Myspace page?