Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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A-frame hug

Pete Wentz just wants a club to go to where he can have sex in the bathroom. There already is a club like that. It's called your house.

Kim Kardashian dropped her $uit against Vivid. So doe$ this mean $equel?
Toastee Toof has a sex tape. That's a shocker.
Courtney is selling Kurt's things. Surprised they lasted this long. If you see Courtney shopping for flannel shirts, now you will know why.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how many fat bitches are going to talk trash about scarlett because she doesn't look like an anna freak.

Anonymous said...

We've been talking about Kim and her tape with Ray-J over at Highbrid Nation. Kim is going out like a straight up hoe on this one. If you get paid for having sex then you are a postitute. I have a feeling that her issue was never with whether the video came out or not but whether she was going to be compensted enough.

Anonymous said...

you know scarlett sand a single line for about one and a half minutes and it seems like every gossip blog on the internet has given her publicity for her upcoming album. how much money do you think it would cost for her to buy as much coverage as she has gotten for the cost of driving to indio to sing for one and a half minutes. damn she got good managment.

Anonymous said...

enty:Any info on Phil Spector? With all the evidence against him. Is his only chance Cutler will pull some Gotti-esque moves?

Anonymous said...



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