Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stoli Hotel Opening

I love Andy Dick. He's crazy, but I love him. His date is VERY brave.

Bai Ling now.
Bai Ling next month.Bijou Phillips has had some really good weeks, so I'll give her a break about this.

Devon Aoki got the good looks in the family.

"Yea. Paris is going to use all the rooms here, but at least I'll be first."

Get in Playboy, show up everywhere. Work that 15 minutes.
So, I know we are all tired of Paris Hilton. I am too. Here's the deal though. I think it's fine to post a photo of her if she looks really bad. I present to you the Paris Hilton looks like crap photo of the day. I pray to everything holy that she is just bloated here.


Anonymous said...

I for one can support a "Paris Hilton looks like crap photo" on a daily basis!!!
I think I'm more disturbed by her hair than the "bloating"

Anonymous said...

so is paris:

* pregnant?
* in detox after finally giving up the gac?
* dealing with karma for being such an ugly biatch on the inside?


Anonymous said...

How old is Andy Dick's date?! Twelve?!

Anonymous said... alluded to PH being preggers this true still??

God i hope in heaven there is no baba in that wonk body.

syd said...

I think she looks better pregnant then a skinny bag of bones. At least the nanny will know what she's doing.

Anonymous said...

I posted those pics of Paris at ONTD a bit ago. They all look the same - big belly.

She couldn't possibly be pregnant, right?

Anonymous said...

Let me understand this, EL, you love Andy Dick and loathe Paris Hilton. I don't really understand your point system. You post way more negative stuff about female celebrities than you do males. Why is that???

mooshki said...

Her belly is full of sperm.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about her belly but what about her face? It's so tight she can't even smile! Did she recently get some work done?

And what's the deal with her and Blunt? Isn't he a shortie in real life and she's like a giant?!


Anonymous said...

She looks like a bad waxwork! A pregnant bad waxwork.
And Blunt is soooo plain. If it weren't for that damn song, I doubt he'd EVER get laid.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious how pissed off Paris looks in all her pictures lately. It's because she's scared SHITLESS she's going to jail. She deserves to, anyone else would go to jail. She's a moron and shouldn't be above the law. I guarantee that if she doesn't go she'll be all smiles and a media whore once again.

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHH! She could be pregnant. Notice how her boobs have looked bigger lately? First sign of pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

That's true! Everyone was all over whether or not she got a boob job recently. Can you imagine this trainwreck pregnant??

Anonymous said...

I noticed she was gaining weight in the photos we've seen lately...I thought she looked pregs in the photo Enty posted yesterday, and NOW I'm sure of it. What better way to improve your "image" than become a mommy, right? Friggin' h-wood.

Some people should never be allowed to breed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Elliot told her knocked up women get sympathy from the judge??

I've been saying she was knocked up for awhile..but I saw pics of her at Coachella blazin a doobie.

Her face is all bloated and a pregger.
That or she is the BI aboutt he face job.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question for the Lawyer: with all the photos of people smoking weed, doing coke, driving despite having their license revoked, why don't the cops act on it? I mean, hello, proof is in the photo, right?


Anonymous said...

i believe the answer to your question is the statement made by the CHP after numerous pix of britney driving with the baby on her lap-- apparently in our glorius state of California, the act must be witnessed by an officer of the law.

as for parasite-would she be stupid enough to get pregnant thinking it would keep her out of jail? look at brit, who obviously shaved her head thinking the authorities wouldn't be able to get a hair follicle test if she had no hair???

lord help usif she is... i'm not quite prepared for the anti-christ.

Anonymous said...

ENT, can you do a post on the probability of Paris going to jail? I'd love to hear what you have to say about California law in the case. For what I know, it seems pretty dire for her. I think she might really be headed for the slammer! ~ Stacey

Anonymous said...

She's not going to jail. She's a celebrity. Somehow, she'll get out of it and, if she is convicted, I'd be willing to bet my favourite pink bunny slippers that she gets "probation and/or community service".

Ho' needs to get her herpes infected cooch soldered shut. It's not like she NEEDS it...I mean,'ve all seen the vid...lmao.

Anonymous said...

1. At least Bai Ling is wearing clothes. Thank heaven for small miracles.
2. Whoever that Playmate girl is, she needs to stop with the fourth-position stance. It's a red carpet, not ballet class.
3. Anon 1:08, you took the words right off my keyboard...Paris looks like she belongs in Madame Tussaud's.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think Paris is a parisitic waste of space, but I must say, I think she looks better than she usually does in that photo.

I think it's because she's missing the smug, vapid smirk she's always sporting.

Either way, i'm all on board with the Paris Disdain, but i'll have to disagree that she looks that bad there.

Anonymous said...

Pregnant? The fool bitch misplaces her dogs.
She's going to jail, pregnant or not.

Anonymous said...

Is Ent implying that Bijou Phillips has been to rehab so he forgives her for the slight weight-gain?



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