Friday, May 04, 2007

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Prison Guys Gone Wild

Angelina Jolie wanted to be appreciated for taking care of Maddox in the middle of the night so she got herself Brad. Honestly, we all want to be appreciated, but because someone was not standing there giving 24/7 appreciation she was upset? Ummmm. Next time don't adopt a child then.

50 Cent is selling his mansion. According to the realtor all the "renovations done since Mike Tyson owned it were all very tasteful, except the stripper poles."


Anonymous said...

The cultural value of your observations about parenting are minimal at best. Why say anything about Jolie as a parent? What good does that do anyone?

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie is egocentric. You get up with a child at night because you love it and want to take care of it - not because you want an award. It's all part of the job.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to be appreciated. I appreciated my husband getting up with the kids & he appreciated me taking my turn. Big Deal. Mother's Day.. I get taken out to lunch as a sign of appreciation for all my hard work as a mother. So what?


Anonymous said...

okay, as someone who has had to both be a single mother while my husband was deployed when my son was just a baby, and has had the opportunity to raise our child together with someone who is a true parent *and* a partner, I can't say that I disagree with her. Its freaking tough and for all the people who are single parents full time, I give you some serious props!

Ent, please don't comment on such things unless you are a single parent yourself.


Anonymous said...

I totally get Jolie. Also have been a single mother, and now a happily married mother again. It makes a difference when you are bleary, tired and your husband kisses your forehead or takes a feeding. It makes a HUGE difference.

Anyone slamming Jolie for saying this is straining hard to be snide about her.

Anonymous said...

I've been there too, and it's tough. It's a struggle. That's the major reason I have a partner now.

I'm so sick and tired of people twisting Jolie's words to make her out to be a beeyotch. It's all in the context, and it's all in the way her words are presented. Jesus, lay off her.

Anonymous said...

It might be in the context, but the words she used do sound like she wants someone to say "good job". Children are a CHOICE, and this is why people with children have no right to complain about how hard it is. We all know how hard it is, and that is why some of us choose NOT to have children.
However, she is right about SHARING the good moments as well as the hard ones, BUT looking for validation for your hard work as a MOTHER is selfish.


Anonymous said...

So Angelina doesn't actually want to BE a mom she wants to play the ROLE of mom for an audience.

As a single mom, I can honestly say that there are times I wish there was someone there with me in the middle of the night but that's mostly so that we can take turns getting up, not take turns applauding one another's efforts.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, why don't you speak to something you are an expert on, instead of something you know nothing about.

Rowan said...

I totally get what Angelina is talking about. I was a single mother by choice for almost eleven years, and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything...but it can be very lonely. And with nobody to share a child's "firsts," to help celebrate those important milestones with you, it can feel like a tough job. With my partner, my second child's infancy was a totally different experience.

Anonymous said...

Single mothers need to get off the cross. Everyone is sick of hearing you people cry about how hard your life is. Don't have kids if you can't handle the job. No one forced you to have sex and reproduce.

WTF said...

"I'm so sick and tired of people twisting Jolie's words to make her out to be a beeyotch. It's all in the context, and it's all in the way her words are presented. Jesus, lay off her. "

I agree 100%.

bionic bunny! said...

my kids are grown. my first husband was a major asshole (sorry, but he was) who couldn't be bothered.
i think the problem we are having with this story is the word "appreciate". i needed HELP, not appreciation.
and of course children are a choice, ADOPTED children especially.
i can't stand either one of them, or their dream to adopt from every nationality or have a matched set, or whatever, but giving her the benefit of the doubt,
her choice of words was unfortunate.
knowing i raised two fine adults is enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:59:

Not all of us single mom ask for that cross, assh*le. Some of us get abandoned by our baby daddies.