Friday, May 18, 2007

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John and Jessica made Pimpa Joe look bad. Pimpa just the other day said John and Jessica were a great couple and he fully supported them. Turns out they had already broken up.

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane shouldn't make movies together. Still haven't got married either huh?

Photos from Lindsay Lohan's new movie.

Rosie really wants to host The Price Is Right.

The many looks of Amy Winehouse. If you can't handle cutting pics then you may not want to click.

Nicole Richie still with Joel Madden. Uh-huh.

6 comments: said...

Now that's a meaningful "Uh-huh" if I ever read one!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reveal enty. i wonder why she's trying to hide it, does she think they might get back together? or is this all publicity for the new season of her reality show?

mookie said...

how stupid is pimpa joe feeling right about now?

Anonymous said...

I guess Jessica finally decided she didn't want to take it up the ass anymore. John is a misogynistic perv. He just needs to find a nice man and settle down.

B :) said...

What does Blakes tattoo over his left chest say? Elise (sic)

Anonymous said...

I can't see why she would agree to use her relationship like that. For publicity? No wonder she can't keep a man. She was supposed to be in love with him. This a low blow if that's true.