Friday, September 07, 2007

Want To Go To Mt. Everest But Think You'll Be Bored?

I'm sure many of you have always wanted to go to Mt. Everest, but the only thing stopping you was for want of something to do when you get there. Well that is all about to change. On October 13th, 40 British musicians are going to be staging the first acoustic concert on Mt. Everest. By making that clarification, they seem to be indicating that someone was the first to have an electric concert on Mt. Everest. The violin concert above obviously doesn;t count for anything, but makes a good photo. Big crowd. I wonder how the t-shirt sales were.
The concert which will take place at 18,000 feet is expected to raise several million dollars for the Love Hope Strength Foundation which is a cancer charity founded by Alarm frontman Mike Peters.
There probably won't be much dancing at that altitude and October should be nice and frosty also for the performers who include Stray Cats, The Fixx, The Alarm, and Squeeze. The show will be available on iTunes, but haven't seen if it will be broadcast in any other medium.

2 comments: said...

Yeah, and if the weather turns violent, they can always use the violins as snowshoes.

Fruit said...

I'm not too familiar with the terrain, but nothing screams "avalanche" more to me than a concert on the face of a snow-packed mountain range, acoustic or otherwise.