Friday, January 11, 2008

Four For Friday - Friends Edition

When I say Friends edition, I don't want everyone to think that a cast member of Friends is in any of these because they are NOT. When I say cast member, I mean one of the six regulars. Not that any other cast member who ever appeared on the show is in here either, but I just don't know.

When I do say friends, I mean such as from AP, so let's start with her.

#1 Like all good AP stories, they take place in a bathroom. But unlike in the past, this one takes place in a men's room. Yes, AP was in a men's room. She says because the line was too long for the women's. I don't know. For all I know she could have been having sex with a total stranger. Kind of like the B list married film actor she saw in the men's room making out and reaching in the pants of another man. The B lister was in 2 of the top 25 films last year.

#2 As tax season slowly trickles in, I am hearing from our accountant more, and hopefully the stuff will be as good as last year. Seems that there is this recently married male singer who is running a call girl ring. Our singer has ten condos leased in three different cities all under a corporate name. Checks go out to the leasing companies for the condos, and each day the accountant is getting money orders from people living in each of the condos. Now, I guess the tenants could be paying daily rent, but since the average amount sent in each day is $3000, that would be some expensive rent.

#3 Which spouse of a Presidential candidate is having an affair? (Not Bill. Would that really even be a shocker anyway?)

#4 Which married A list television actor was kissing his girlfriend at a supermarket last week, when he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see it was his in-laws.


Elle said...

#2 has to be Usher. I don't know the others, but love #4...

Julie said...

1. i thought Mark Wahlberg, but what was he in in 2007?
2. i srsly have no idea, have to think about that.
3. John Edwards wife? would that be karma or kismet :P
4. I first thought Ray Romano. BUT um, maybe Brad Garrett? I could see it, hes a spaz.

Mooshki said...

#4 Isn't McDreamy the only A list tv star these days? ;)

Mooshki said...

Edwards's (Edwards'?) wife is being treated for cancer again, so I doubt she has the energy for any hanky panky.

Dijea said...

OMG, I love #4. What a total embarassing situation no matter who it is. There has to be more to this story coming soon. Please.

#2 I was thinking Jay Z

#3 Probably all of them.

pisly said...

Please let it not be Hugh Laurie for #4.

pisly said...

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
2 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
3 Spider-Man 3
4 Shrek the Third
5 Transformers
6 Ratatouille
7 The Simpsons Movie
8 300
9 The Bourne Ultimatum
10 I Am Legend
11 Live Free or Die Hard
12 Ocean's Thirteen
13 The Golden Compass
14 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
15 National Treasure: Book of Secrets
16 Enchanted
17 Bee Movie
18 Rush Hour 3
19 Wild Hogs
20 Alvin and the Chipmunks
21 Ghost Rider
22 Mr. Bean's Holiday
23 Knocked Up
24 American Gangster
25 Hairspray (2007)

shiny_special_one said...

#2: Robin Thicke.

trashtalker said...

#3: Surely it's Elizabeth Kucinich.

Trix said...

The only actor in TWO top 25 movies, so far as I can see, is Matt Damon. Bourne Ultimatum and Oceans 13.

Twisted Sister said...

Robin Thicke has been married for 2.5 years. I wouldn't call that 'recently married'.

liveunderarock said...
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nyblogger said...
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Tracee said...

#2-Usher (only singer I can think of who got married lately.)
#3-Fred Thompson wife. She gives me the Kelsey Grammar wife feeling. She's too hot for that old bat.
#4-Dempsey...he's been an ass in the past!

liveunderarock said...

oops, I meant Travolta for #1

Twisted Sister said...

Tracee, have you also checked out the wives of Kucinich and McCain? Too hot for those old farts, too.

roloff farms said...

Travolta - Wild Hogs & Hairspray. Done and done.

Julie said...

i would just love it if Edwards wife was having an affair because serves him right (even though i'm sure he doesn't care)

heh. i guess i could see Patrick Dempsey as #4.
is Jason Lee A List TV/B List movie star?

Dijea said...


shiny_special_one said...

Oh, I didn't know he'd been married for that long. I thought I read something recently about him just getting married.

Ooooh, Fred Thompson's wife is a great guess for #3. I'm going with her.

Melissa said...

Though Damon was my first guess, Travolta is just such a 'DUH'. Has to be him...

DNfromMN said...

dangit, roloff beat me to it. It's Travolta. Shame he has to resort to the toilets.

Thanks for posting the list, pisly.

Can't be Brad Garrett for #4 -- doubt his in-laws could even reach his shoulder, much less tap it.

Julie said...

lol too true about brad garrett being tall.
I kinda love his wacky ass though hahaha did anyone see him on the Martha Stewart show

meamia said...

1# John Travolta
Wild Hogs & Hairspray
Isn't he considered A-List though?

LAURA R said...

#1 Don't forget Nic Cage. Ghost Rider and National Treasure
#2 I like Usher for this one
#3 ??
#4 ??

Twisted Sister said...

Shiny, you probably read it in a 2 year old magazine in a doctors office. ;-) (why can't they get current mags in?)

I like the Usher guess for that.

daniel said...

Doubt it is Damon, there is no way he is anything but A-list.

Majik said...

#1: Anyone notice that Nicholas Cage was in 2 of the top 25 as well as Revolta and Damon?

National Treasue and Ghost Rider.

However, of the three actors that have 2 movies, Revolta is the only one who's been rumoured to be gay.

I don't suppose Will Smith did any of the voices in the animated films, eh? He was my first thought...

#3: Obama's wife.

#4: So did the in-laws go for the extortion or the humiliation of said actor? I like the McDreamy guess.

Tracee said...

Sista, I have! They are hot. You know I who I was surprised about? John Edwards' wife...

Ewww! Revolta is an excellent guess! "Well it's grease lightening!"

pisly said...

I personally think Cage and Damon are A-Listers. And I agree that Travolta is a Duh!.

Bernie Mac also appeared in 2 movies (Transformers and Ocean's Thirteen), but I don't know if he's a B-Lister.

Also, my previous list ( was worldwide gross. This is their US/Canada list:

1 Spider-Man 3
2 Shrek the Third
3 Transformers
4 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
5 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
6 I Am Legend
7 The Bourne Ultimatum
8 300
9 Ratatouille
10 The Simpsons Movie
11 Alvin and the Chipmunks
12 National Treasure: Book of Secrets
13 Wild Hogs
14 Knocked Up
15 Rush Hour 3
16 Live Free or Die Hard
17 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
18 American Gangster
19 Bee Movie
20 Superbad
21 Enchanted
22 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
23 Hairspray
24 Blades of Glory
25 Ocean's Thirteen

TomTyler said...

I also think Nic Cage is A-List. Travolta has gone down to B because he does not headline movies anymore, apart from ensemble films where there are other draws to support him (e.g., Hairspray and trash like Wild Hogs). He also dressed as a woman in Hairspray, and I can guarantee you that is not A-List behavior if you don't need to.

Brit Brit said...

I think #1 Has to be nick cage!!

Brit Brit said...

he was in ghost rider and national treasure

Brit Brit said...

or james franco, he was in knocked up and spider man for #1 that is

Twisted Sister said...

Tracee, cancer can ravage you, though, so she's probably not as attractive as she once was. Poor thing. I really feel sorry for her and her children.

TomTyler said...

Ooh, I like James Franco. Particularly since it's a sexier alternative!

redgurl72 said...

#1. How about James Marsden - Enchanted and Hairspray. He's married.

#4 Didn't Brad Garrett seperate from his wife months and months ago? Doubt it's him. How about Kelsey Grammar?

Tracee said...

She's a tough cookie though. That's for sure Sista. Its nice to see a handsome man with a woman who isn't all plastic and botox. a woman with some meat on her bones.

Twisted Sister said...

Yeah, but it isn't nice to read that the rat is cheating on her.

hereforalilwhile said...

#1 Will Arnett (formerly of Arrested Development): Ratatouille, Blades of Glory

and James Marsden: Hairspray & Enchanted
I discounted Matt Damon & Travolta because I consider them "A" list. Missed Cage though

deity2 said...

I know this is out in left field.....but how about josh kelley for # 2 ( he was "very recently married)

Rocky (Racquel) said...

brad garrett is divorced

kellysirkus said...

oh, oh, someone's going to need some reprogramming at The Celebrity Center.

#2 - Jay-Z??? what about Puff Doody????

#3 - I def think it's McCain's wife. She has all the power in that marriage. She is richer than Teresa Heinz Kerry, and not exactly supportive of campaign

#4 - I'd say Charlie Sheen but he didn't marry Brooke yet. Hugh Laurie's in-laws live across the pond. I hope it's Dempsy - his wife is such a slag. Cannot stand her.

kellysirkus said...

@ Pisley - thanks for the lists!

TomTyler said...

I have thought about this and grudgingly have to change my mind that Travolta is still A-List. Even if in a more supporting capacity, he is still above the title in movies and lands roles in big-budget, mainstream films. But he is a giant A-List fruit!

surfer said...

kelly - what's the dealio with McCain's wife? Wealthier than Theresa Heinz Kerry? The only thing I really know about her (besides the huge age difference) is the fact that she rebounded beautifully after suffering a stroke a few years ago.

GammaGirl said...

1. I think it could be James Marsden. There have been rumors about him for a while.

2. Diddy is quite the entrepreneur, but so is Jay Z.

2. Meh? Hopefully not Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Edwards.

4.Dempsey. He's an ass. hahaha!

Tracee said...

Ya'll when did P.Diddy get married? He didn't that's why. He's not #2.

jax said...

Seth Rogen was in Knocked up and

3-its a fuckin orgy to the Whitehouse.
4-Dempsey/someone from ER. no idea.

TomTyler said...

Isn't Katherine Heigl's recent husband Josh Kelley a singer? No wonder she can't quit smoking.

princessj1987 said...

1. James Marsden
2. Usher
3. Fred Thompson's wife
4. Patrick Dempsey

liveunderarock said...


In the future, could you clarify if you include animated work when you refer to an actor having been in top films? I wondered about this in a previous BI?

I like the tips you have been giving in the recent BIs. (The Ent equivalent of "nots") ;D

GammaGirl said...

Tracee is right.
Diddy AND Jay-Z are unmarried.

I guess that leaves Usher and possibly Josh Kelley. ENT has used Katherine Heigl in his BI's before so...

captivagrl said...

#1. travolta #4.seinfeld

k said...

McCains's wife lies low because she was a huge prescription drug addict. How to we know? She was caught stealing mountains of pills from a charity she ran to give medical relief to the needy. She hides because she doesn't want this issue coming up again.

I'm liking Nic Cage for #1. Yes he's right on the cusp of A-List, but his material is terrible, kind of like Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and The Rock. Okay, they put butts in seats, but who respects them?

Also, Nic was the answer to a BI years ago about an actor filming in New Orleans who was enjoying the talent of all the male prostitutes down there.

sarah said...

Travolta, Travolta, Travolta, Travolta for #1. Anyone over 16 in the US can answer that one. I think Ron Paul's wife or Fred Thompson's. Not the top #3, or it would have come out already.

Brad Garrett for #4, since he's divorcing? Seinfeld does not go to the supermarket, I'm sure.

lisha23 said...


Why should that even be necessary? Are there animated works on those lists? Are they films? Then why would they NOT be included?

Hannah said...

Wow, I would never consider Brad Garrett as A list, but I guess some do.
What about Kucinich's wife for #3. Seriously, how is she with him in the first place?

Security Mom said...

what I find disturbing is that people believe everything they hear.

John Edwards has not and is not cheating on his wife.

That ugly rumor has been completely disproven.

Yet, you have to read about it in comments as if its fact.

very sad.

Julie said...

wait? its been disproven?
pics/sources or it didn't happen.

Also, what about him getting the aide pregnant?

kitoko said...

Here's the Edwards link.
Supposedly Andrew Young is claiming it is his child.

Julie said...

owait, is it true or not? lol

kitty said...

John Edwards' wife is dying from breast cancer, so I doubt it's her.

Judi said...

Yes - no way is it Eliz. Edwards. Nicole had a baby girl. Supposedly Christina had her baby, too, but no official announcement yet with gender, name, etc. And someone's wife also gave birth today - David Alan Grier maybe?

Laura said...

James Marsden is in Hairspray AND Enchanted. is he married?

liveunderarock said...

I am not the first person who has been curious about this. I think the same way you do.If I were the author of this blog I would include the stars of animated films. But unless you are the author of CDAN I don't think you know how Ent. thinks about it.

If you are connected to animated films and this is a hot button issue for you, I am sincerely sorry if I have offended you.

califblondy said...

Kellysirkus, once again you have some inside info. What's the 411 on McDreamy's wife, the Avon lady? I just wonder why she never smiles and looks pissed off all the time?

I've got some first hand info of my own. Well, second hand info... someone I know said he was propositioned by Travolta. He also said that Travolta has no problem paying for it if he has to.

heather said...

1. travolta is in NO way b-list...please people. i like marsden for this one - def has a little bit of the gay face. married WITH children too!
2. usher doesn't give the sleazy vibe....why does it have to be a rap/r&b star? what about a rock star? they often live the dirty dirty lifestyle
3. jeri kehn thompson
4. needs more investigation

Miss X said...

1. Travolta would be my first guess if I didn't think he was an Alister.

2. I hope it isn't Usher. His wife just had a baby, didn't she?

3. not sure that I care

4. Matthew Fox. I know, I know, unlikely given he lives in Hawaii but maybe the in-laws came in for a suprise visit?

ria said...

#1 is so Matt Damon. That man has been gay since like forever! Do people think he's straight just because he's married with a kid? Come on, thats such a cover-up. Matt Damon has always been gay and I don't know why people haven't figured it out yet. And Matt Damon is B-list. Travolta, definitely A-list. Why would anyone consider Travolta to be B-list?... Geez, Matt Damon being gay is a no-brainer. Why oh why haven't people figured that out? (And if #1 isn't Damon, I doubt its Travolta cuz hes definitely an A-lister. But still either way, Damon is gay. Its not a big deal, I just think its wierd that people haven't figured that out yet...)

p m said...

#1 - i like the Travolta guess. Matt Damon seems way too dull.

if #2 is Usher, I would wonder if his wife wasn't in on this... doesn't she have a shady criminal past?
Plus, he seems to whipped to pull this off behind her back. It seems like she controls him.

p m said...

also... I don't think Jay-Z could ever be called a singer; rapper, musician, ceo, etc... never a singer.
and wouldn't it mention a famous girlfriend like beyonce somehow.

Heather said...

For #1, Ray Liotta was in both "Bee Movie" and "Wild Hogs". You know just add another one in there.

captivagrl said...

#4. my feeling is that "supermarket" could mean "bodega" A lister would be mobbed for autographs in any supermarket, he(married) would not be kissing a girlfriend in a supermarket. in a NY bogega you drop in to pick up a couple of items. the clerks(employees) see famous people all the time and it's not a big deal. you (the actor) would not expect to run into some one you know. the actor kissed her thinking it was more private......i'm still going with seinfeld or someone else in NY.

Manda said...

Cant be matt damon, he is saving himself for me;)

Dschingis said...

the nr one seems a little strange to me. if the club is sooo crowded, there should be more action at the men restroom too. and a B lister who doesnt want to spoil his chances to come to an A, will use a booth and lock it up. especially if you are closeted.


1.travolta would be the nr. one obvious guess. but is it a "good AP" story? where is the juice here???

4. is kiefer still in jail? sure he missed his GF :-)

Rhianna said...

pisly, can't be Hugh. From what I recall while living in the UK, his family (wife) refuses to relocate to CA. That should preclude his in-laws coming to visit as the kids are in the UK as well.

k said...

To Ria -

Travolta is no longer AList. He can't carry a movie on his own (if he ever could.) Travolta is also gay.

Damon CAN carry a movie on his own, in fact, he carries a franchise. So he is A+List. Nothing I've ever heard, from his randy youth, would suggest Damon is gay. Nothing, from ppl who would LOVE for him to be gay. He's pretty much a mundane straight guy.

Twisted Sister said...

Yeah, I'm with k. NOTHING I've read has ever indicated Matt Damon is gay.

k said...

How about Larry David for #4? His wife is divorcing him (left him for the gardener or something) but they are still married.

Like the Seinfeld guess better. He's so slimy.

bmorelaxer said...

I would say Damon is more A list, no?

bmorelaxer said...

sorry, k, didn;t realize you had said it first. But, yes, I agree with everything you have just said. Travolta it is.

kellysirkus said...

as much as I HATE Dempsey's hag, you guys have made me hope that #4 is Jerry Seinfeld. I think I find his wife Jessica more deserving of public humiliation than anyone else.

k said...

Why all the hate for Mrs. McSteamy? What is the gossip I missed?

Jerry found his soulmate in Jessica. They are both rotten. Jerry called his wife's accuser a Loony, which was uncalled for. Jerry dated a 17 year old, hit on Jessica when we was a newlywed (didn't bother her at all apparently) and treated his cast like dirt on Seinfeld. Why do you think they all love working for Larry David now, and won't have much to do with Jerry? Jerry's show without David was mean spirited and sometimes really nasty. I don't like him at all, can you tell?

kellysirkus said...

hey guys - OT - you know the Blind about the producer who allegedly knocked up JLS and maybe KO'd another kid star earlier.
I was thinking maybe that earlier kid was Allanis Morrisette. She was on the Nick show "You can't do that on television"
Any thoughts?

might explain some of her earlier angry lyrics

Moonmaid said...

How is Pete Doherty a style icon?? Along with Cary Grant? That is just wrong.

wtf said...

Allanis is a excellent guess, her lyrics are intense.

Travolta is no longer an A lister in my book, for all the reasons already given above.


Brad Garrett's divorce was final in November 2007

k said...

Whoa! Great guess kelly! Everyone has forgotten that Alanis was on Nick, and she has made it big, way beyond JLS.

BTW, with the death of Chris Bowman, another child star bites the dust. The successes are so rare after getting all that adulation so young.

Mia said...

I'm voting Seth Rogen for #1. There have been slight whispers about him being closeted, but the Judd Apatow clique is so tight with each other its all very hush-hush.

Fabiola Thing said...

I doubt #4 is Seinfeld. I suspect that Jessica keeps him on a Very Short Leash.

mngddess said...

Could someone give me some more proof that Damon swings both ways? Is this just because he has a "normal" wife (i.e. not in the business)? I have never gotten the gaydar ping from him..

Now, TRAVOLTA, on the other hand, doesn't so much set off a ping as he does a fire alarm!!

And Pisly, it's not Hugh. He's saving himself for me. But his and his wife's family is in England. Sounds totally like Patrick Dempsey. Scumbag leaves his wife home while he goes out gallavanting.

Maureen said...

trashtalker said...

#3: Surely it's Elizabeth Kucinich.

Why do you say that? Because her husband is the ONLY one in Congress to challenge ALL other politicians (be them repuglicans or democrats), and who are obviously in this race only for name recognition and fame? Haven't YOU ever wondered about ET life, as did Reagan and Carter?

Juie said: John Edwards wife? would that be karma or kismet :P, he certainly deserves it?

WTF are you referring to? Why would John Edwards "deserve" to have a wife that has cancer, let alone, be having an affair?

My bet is on Fred Thompson's wife. How many democrats have been caught in compromising positions in the past few years. It's ALWAYS the repugs (and I am including Hillary in this category)!

Kim said...

#1 Nic Cage-not gay, but definitely queer, and way kinky. Fully appointed dungeon in his basement.

#2 SO Usher

#3 Mrs. Guiliani had an affair with him when he was married before she obviously has some misplaced honor.

#4 Jerry Seinfeld is a twerp.

livvy said...

#1 is NOT Seth Rogen. He's not married and he is NOT NOT NOT gay. This is a fact.

Twisted Sister said...


Did you guys see that Miley Cyrus is now in trouble for bullshitting her 'dance' during her concert? It's a body double! Watch this clip and at about 2:23 you see her go into a door and the body double comes out of another.

Note to all the young dancer/singers out there. You canNOT jump around the stage like idiots for an hour and still have enough breath to sing. DUH!

pisly said...

For #4, if it's not Hugh Laurie's in-laws visiting from England, then I hope the answer to this BI is not my other favorite A List TV star: Tony Shalhoub.

I don't watch ER/Scrubs/Gray's Anatomy to guess Dempsey for every A List BI.

Kim said...

I saw that with Miley Cyrus, I thought it was a double for a costume change not because she was too tired to dance. Either way it's a double but I'm more ok with having a fake so she looks like she's a quick change artist rather than her little ass is tired.

captivagrl said...

OFF TOPIC - melissa rivers, stop doing crap to your face. you will be 40 in a few days, not 65. stop now. hopefully you'll read this in time.

Twisted Sister said...

Kim, that's what she said, but there are plenty of performers who just let some of their dancers dance or they put up a video during a costume change. She makes it look like she's out there doing really great dancing while singing, and I call b.s. on that.

Cap, what did she do now? I try to avoid all things Rivers, if possible.

__-__=__ said...

Matt Damon is not gay until Jax, or dnfromnm, says he is gay.

That is all.

Sarah said...

#1 - James Marsden

Honestly, I cannot understand why people keep insisting upon guessing John Travolta. I mean, seriously, do you honestly think that someone who is SO far in the closet would be kissing someone in a men's room, where they could obviously be seen? And, let's take into account that as a Scientologist, I am sure his "handlers" or whatever you want to call them, wouldn't allow that in public.

Twisted Sister said...

_-_=_, even if Jax and dnfrommn say he's gay, he's NOT gay. Jax insists Clooney is gay.

'Nuff said.

mngddess said...

Clooney ain't gay, he's just lonely and need to find someone his own age to play with.

Like me.

Twisted Sister said...

Mngddess - DO SHARE!

AlexT said...

1. Enty already revealed it to be JT.

2. I'm going to guess Bobby Brown. He would seem like the most likely to need money that couldn't be generated from music. He just got married in June.

3. I would laugh my ass off if it were Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann's spouse.

4. I don't think it's Jerry Seinfeld. The top says 6 regular characters and Seinfeld only had 4.


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