Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The tennis ball is missing. Maybe it was cold or something. Shrinkage can be a bitch.

I've never heard of the superlative conspiracy that Adrian Grenier is highlighting. I'm sure it sounded good at some point to him.
As much as she looks like a member of The Clash here, her hair doesn't really look that horrible. I know everyone who reads this blog just loves her t-shirt.
Bono packed on about fifty pounds over the holidays. What is the deal with those shoes? They are Tom Cruise specials.
I love Chloe Dao but she just shows up at the oddest places. A SlimFast style event.
I know there must be some guys in the world who find Chyna attractive, but I have yet to even hear about it even second hand. How has she stayed famous so long?
Well at least we know that if the paycheck is large enough, Kim Cattrall will do just about anything.
Model v Actress? Who you got?
Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez before this shoot. "You better make damn well sure that the wedding ring is right there on the cover."
I'm a big fan of Jennie Garth, but she just looks like a mess.
On the other hand it has been awhile since I had anything good to say about Eva Mendes, but she looks absolutely stunning.
The new Survivor cast. Ten fan favorites against 10 new contestants. I didn't think it was possible to make a living solely off reality shows, but some of these contestants prove it is possible.
X-Factor runner up Rhydian Roberts doing his best James Bond coming out of the sea impression.
I love Luenell. Going to have to watch Borat tonight now.
Lucy Liu definitely has a certain look. I just don't know if I like it. As a guy, the gloves would make me feel a touch scared that she was going to beat the crap out of me if I did something wrong.
Kim Kardashian ate one or two too many holiday cookies. Either that or she trapped Reggie Bush. You decide.


Elle said...

Thank you for posting X-Factor runner up (should have been winner) Rhydian! I LOVE LOVE him. Americans will know of him soon I think.

And, is the really Bono? Looks like my HS science teacher...

Amy Winehouse looks HOT. Best look for her in years - if - she ditched those pink ballet slippers!

Mooshki said...

I can barely judge the hair - I can't get past how shocking it is to see her looking sober!

nina is cool said...

We are the Superlative Conspiracy is a Swedish design brand.

Twisted Sister said...

Wow. How EL can say Jennie Garth looks like a mess (which she does) and follow that up by saying Eva Mendes looks stunning (she looks like a mess) is beyond me.

Does Kim Cattrall have a talk show? That blurb EL wrote sure sounds like the answer to a blind item.

Twisted Sister said...

Oh, and regarding Rhydian...I hate guys with slopey shoulders. Guys - lifting isn't enough, you have to do PUSH UPS or you end up looking like this. YUCK!

GammaGirl said...

I really dig the short pixie look on Amy Winehouse!

There is so much wrong with the look Kim Catrall is rocking that I don't even know where to start.
WHY does she have a bed bath and beyond bag at the beach?

jlb said...

Ew - if Kim did trap Reggie the old fashioned way that puts a whole new spin on if she was the answer to the blind about the strip tease for the team mates. Let's hope it was the cookies.

tania said...

Am I the only one who thinks Rachel Hunter looks like a not-especially-convincing trannie?

Twisted Sister - I agree. That's why I don't fancy Lost's Josh Holloway, despite his apparent hotness. He has those Coke-bottle shoulders, too.

No Ent - it wasn't a tennis ball, it was a dinner roll.... ;-P

jax said...

Twist i was thinking the same...neither really great or bad.

I think its the cookies for Kim- god help us. well at least if she's knocked up she wont need the stirrups..she can just rest her feet on that ASS.

Amy..blonde? girl your hair is prob hanging by a thread to begin with and you add bleach????

ehinckle02 said...

Elle... you will be happy. I saw this picture of Amy W. on another site and she is wearing cheetah-print flats! They look new.

Brenda22 said...

Twisted Sister
I agree...Eva looks anything but stunning in that picture.

ENT: Chloe Dao didn't randomly show up. IT was a fashion show by Slimfast for 10 women who had lost weight and would be modeling clothes designed by Chloe.

kellysirkus said...

WOW! Is Amy actually getting her shit together?

JD as Cry Baby ... love

kellysirkus said...

Ent - u should post the Johnny Depp B&W headshot from Rolling Stone.
It is amazing!

Kory said...

Ugh! I must be the only one who doesn't find Johnny Depp attractive. I love his acting, but he has the body of a 15 yo and if I wanted that, I'd get an actual 15 yo because I'm a dirty old woman.

donna said...

I too was a little perplexed at ent's comments about eva and jennie .. maybe he was confused .. I sure was .. i took a triple take at the eva pic .. trying to figure out just what ent thought was so stunning about her .. shrug ..

califblondy said...

Kim has the plastic bag to pick up trash on the beach. At least that's what I read on another site. I think she looks great, but I wonder what's the deal with the grandma two piece? I love how the stars still wear UGGS when all the fashionistas say not wear 'em. I still wear mine, but not with my bathing suit.

I love David Beckham and I don't care if he's got a tennis ball, dinner roll, or a Pilsbury Grand biscuit.

tania said...

califblondy - how about a tube of Pringles? ;-)

Kara said...

It's always the same suspects at the secondary red carpet events like this Slimfast one.

Where's Brittany Snow? She's on every red carpet with a brand name attached.

bewbs said...

haha, All Bono needs is a curly black wig and voila Andy Millman: "Izze havin' a lahfff?"

From the waist up this is too severe a look for the tiny Liu.

Gammagirl: BB&B had a sale and on her way home Cattrall got cold and wrapped herself in her new duvet.

My guess is simply too many carbs for Kardashian. Her ballooning sleeves would help Rachel Hunter to disguise her profuse upper arms; too fleshy to look like a tranny

Tracee said...

Ent, if you love Luenell you have to watch Katt Williams' American Hustler. Bitch had me rolling on the FLOOR.

Careful Becks. Clench any tighter in that first photo and you'll have a toga a la Katie Holmes. Looking dirty hot btw.

bionic bunny! said...

since when has jon dalton been a survivor "favorite"?
he begged to be let on "survivor allstars" and they turned him down. such an ass.

sorry. huge survivor fan. don't shoot me.

Jolara said...

LOL Jax! "well at least if she's knocked up she wont need the stirrups..she can just rest her feet on that ASS. "

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Johnny Depp & growing very fond of Beckham!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, black really IS slimming. Guys, let this be a lesson to you when you're buying your banana warmers.

jax said...

sadly that high top Mom bathing suit is in this season as a throwback to the 60's.

everyone looks fucking terrible in it though.

redgurl72 said...

None of those Survivors are my favourites. At least I recognised Fairplay - the others are barely memorable (apart from Yulman).

Anonymous said...

jax, I had a suit kinda like that, and it was the most comfortable suit in the world. I felt like Marilyn Monroe in it. Everybody told me it was ass-ugly, though. said...

I NEED a Johnny Depp t-shirt.

bionic bunny! said...

yeah, brenda, but i'd rather have today's johnny in a t-shirt, no???

peek, a lot of them are newer players. damn it, i really wanted to play that game when it first came out. what do i get instead? the day the newest contestants are revealed, yours truly gets her new med ID bracelet. i would SO MUCH rather be wrestling youngsters for a mil or two.

sorry, cap, twist, and jax, i think i already finished the tequila. maybe next time......

Jac said...

Mr Hewson is know for his tichiness and his love of creeper shoes for that extra inch so he can look over the head of the arm candy of the month.


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