Friday, January 11, 2008

GQ 50 Most Stylish Past 50 Years - Last 10 - Plus A FFF Surprise

Jean-Claude Killy
Hedi Slimane
Francois Truffaut
Cary Grant
Alain Delon
Mick and Keith
Robert Redford
Pete Doherty
Michael Caine
Jack Nicholson

If you think you can handle some Full Frontal Friday action, go ahead and click here, but remember. NSFW. Not even close to being safe. Yes, it is Simon Rex.


jax said...

well HELLLLLLLLLLO sailor!
that is one BIG surprise.

did i mention i LOVE surprises!

GammaGirl said...

DUDE! Is that from the infamous Simos Rex tape?! Didn't he lose his job over that?

Also, I love FFF!

liveunderarock said...


deity2 said...

As i was scrolling down and saw pete doherty , i said to myself "oh this is a disappointing last 10!"....but my oh my sure than made up for it......i am crossing my legs right now in fear!!! WOW

jax said...

if it is Simon then we know Paris has had a crack at him and its all but shriveled,blistered and valtrexed now.

Reese said...

PETE?? Is there a crack epidemic going on at GQ? Other than that, this list is a vast improvement on the last few. Mick and Keith are natural choices, the list wouldn't be complete without Cary Grant or Redford, and Jean-Claude Killy and Alain Delon are nice surprises.

I'm looking for Barishnykov as well.

PETE freaking Doherty, good lord!

Jolara said...

jax- LOL

I seriously don't know who Simon Rex is...I am sure I am the only person, but I truly don't know. He has a mighty big buddy there don't he?
I loved looking at these pics from GQ. Some of those men were so gorgeous and some not so much...

Pandora said...

True story:

My 15 seconds of fame happened in 1969 when I was photographed sitting on Jean-Claude Killy's lap in a big Adirondack chair in Kimberley, BC. (circa '68 or '69.)

Too bad I was far, far, far too young at the time to realize how lucky I was to be sitting in that lap.

Reese said...

You sat on JKK's lap Pandora? AGHHH!!!!! I hadn't even been born yet and I'm jealous! I hope you have a good picture of that! Not going to ask how you came to be there, but that is a nice story.

I saw him in Chammonix a few years ago; he's aging rather well.

GammaGirl said...

Thanks for clarifying ENT!

FYI: He was an MTV VJ in the 90's who tried to segue his success at MTV into a legit acting career.
Some nude pics and possibly a playgirl porno from the early 90's went public and Viacom promptly fired him.
He's had bit roles here and there ever since.

Brenda22 said...

Pete Doherty? Seriously? What the heck?

butterfly said...

I've been looking at and enjoying this feature all week long. Is it wrong that I've never even heard of some of the people on this list?

Pandora said...


I really, truly did!

I haven't thought about this in a long time, but it is a bit of a cultural statement.

I was 3 or 4 at the time. We had a cutting from the local paper in a photo album for years, but moves, (or sibling pilfering of albums,) have long since made the black & white evaporate.

Those were the days when the skiing elite were the pop-stars of the day. My siblings all raced with Nancy Green, and later, the Bowmans. They all wore the signature JCK ski sweaters with the double-stripe at chest level, as my Daughter's friends have worn the, "no ass," hip-hop jeans for the past 5-6 years.

Dad was on the ski patrol, so every night we could sit up and watch the "torch light parade." and we got the perks, like watching with Jean-Claude.

Back then, a scandal WAS a scandal. JCK, Claudette Longet, Andy Williams and murder. No blind item there - it was all out there for the masses to read on every front-page, not just the tabloids and the blogs.

(I know feel decisively old, even though I was but a toddler at the time.)

I didn't "get" how fortunate I was until the hormones kicked in many years later around age 13. ;>

liveunderarock said...

That is a wonderful story Pandora !

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Reese said...

So sad your newspaper clipping was lost, but boy did you ever have a good moment! I met Robert Redford when I was 8; didn't sit on his lap but I do get your "fortunate later" feelings! Thanks for sharing the tale!

Elle said...

I think Pete has a distinctive style with that cutie hat (it's a trilby, yes?). It's the heroin, unbathed look that's not appetizing.

But can I also say dayum. Michael Caine is just the shiznet. He's my favorite actor of all time. Too cool for words.

For those of you who've never seen it, rent the original Italian Job (1967, I believe), you won't be sorry - and it's totally different than the Marky Mark remake.

Favorite movie of all time.

Thanks EL for the series this week. Great choices from GQ.

Elle said...

Pandora: Really great JCK story. I loved watching him ski as a kid (on the TV that is).

If you remember the paper you should contact them and see if they have archives so you can get another copy...they may even have it online (then we can all see the picture!)

Pandora said...

(keeping this short so I don't offend anyone who dislikes personal schmoo in comments...)

I don't recall the name of the Kimberley paper back then in late 60's, but reminiscing about that time did motivate me tonight to post to the Kimberley, BC, online community to ask others if they remember other people who were involved.

I wish *I* could see the picture again, for very personal reasons that do not involve a hot Jean-Claude.

Returning to lurk mode...

DNfromMN said...

pandora great story.

And Simon Rex did those videos for a gay outfit, he was only doing solo vids though.

I'll post a link to the online xtube vids in the FFF comments section.

Seriously, I'm not a porn hound, just a good researcher.

califblondy said...

I remember when Andy William's ex-wife, the beautiful Claudine Longet, accidentally shot her lover Spyder Savitch. What a scandal that was. God, I'm old.

Speaking of old, I don't care what anybody says, take a good look at Robert Redford's picture and tell me tight pants back in the 70's weren't hot. I sure miss those days when you knew what a guy had going on as soon as you met him.

Kara said...

Came back Sat morning just to see that Robert Redford picture.

Two men I wish I could have seduced
(if I was a starlet and born in a different time):

Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
Hot Damn. Those eyes!

The '70's tight pants are all good.

kellysirkus said...

lol @ Jax - imagine the Parasite on that.

Redford looks to be packing, as well.

I forgot there was a time when Jack was HAWT

sage1 said...

Thank you ENT for more man candy..

Take a look at Keith Richards from years ago.... they should take that shot, and line it up with Keith today.. and use it as public service against drug abuse...

kellysirkus said...

dnfrommn - you crack me up! You really don't need to explain yourself to us. I mean, how judgmental could a group like this really be.
Wear it Proud, Dear!
and yes, you are an excellent researcher.

Blondie said...

Pandora, great story! You inspired me to dig a little into that murder scandal, I was born later that year so never heard of it, but I do love me a good scandal ;) Hope you find your picture.

surfer said...

And speaking of Simon Rex, don't forget Pamela Anderson also had her crack at him. Talk about an STD cocktail!

mandjo said...

Robert Redford is soo hot!!

kellysirkus said...

@mandjo - word

mandythegreat said...

Good Lord, Mick Jagger was an ugly fellow, wasn't he? He makes Keith Richards look downright dreamy. (although I always thought Keith was a decent enough looking chap)

__-__=__ said...

Wow Pandora - great story and thanks for sharing!

Mandy - that's what I meant about Brian Ferry. I can't believe Jerry Hall left Brian Ferry for Mick! I mean, it's not all about the looks but seriously, Brian Ferry!!

Reese said...

If anyone's interested, Steve McQueen's widow has a story in the Ventura County Star about their lives, especially the last 18 months of Steve's life. He got a bit of attention from several of us when his picture was included in the GQ listings last week. He certainly was stylish!

kellysirkus said...

I'll take Lenny Kravitz and Christopher Meloni.
ya'll can the rest.