Friday, February 01, 2008

Farrah Fawcett Is 60

Farrah Fawcett is going to be 60 tomorrow. I thought instead of my birthday wishes letter, I would instead pass along my best wishes. I adore Farrah Fawcett and I don't use the word adore very often. Tomorrow this cultural icon will be 60, and honestly I don't think she is going to make it to 61. Oh, she will try and she is a fighter like no other, but I really wanted to take a second and say I can't believe this woman is 60. She is funny and intelligent. She is ditzy and determined. She makes mistakes like all of us, but unlike all of us she tries to correct her mistakes and to never make them again. She was a star and a celebrity when it actually meant something. To me she was almost the last big star. She was everywhere and on everything. When the 80's came along it ushered in a new wave of celebrity and tabloid that has only intensified with the internet. I would wager that almost every guy on the planet of a certain age has seen that poster which is the fifth photo in this lineup.

She has lived a life that has been incredible and has stories to match. She is one of maybe five celebrities I was actually excited to meet, and she lived up to my expectations then, and has ever since. She is currently getting a variety a of experimental treatments outside the US for a cancer that was supposed to be gone but has now returned. I wish her the very best. I do hope she enjoys this birthday, and realizes how much joy she has brought the world. Below are some photos and then her interview with Letterman. All three parts of it. She stayed on almost 20 minutes.


takeme2espana said...'s a TX girl! ;)

Dijea said...

I was at my grandmother's house about 10 years ago and we came across a picture of Farrah when she was in elementary school. She lived a few blocks over from my mother when she was going to school and went to school with my uncle.

If I can find it when I'm over there next time I will e-mail it to you ENT.

captivagrl said...

she was great in 2 TV movies: The Burning Bed and Small Sacrifices. i also liked her in Extremities and The Apostle. i hope the treatment in germany helps. i think the documentary about her will be aired next week.

onecrazypeanut said...

Nearly every girl in my high school had her hair styled like Farrah. Or wanted it like hers.

Very sad thinking about Farrah living this. ~Healthy vibes~

~sigh~ going to dig out my yearbook.

wtf said...

She was my favorite Angel and really is a good actress. (Burning Bed, Extremities)

Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

maryindiana said...

Happy Birthday F.F. Wishing you all good things.

lyz said...

I rewatched the Letterman videos. I remember them from 10 years ago. FF is loopy and silly and humble. She may have had a little pharmaceutical help that night, but I still think she's great!

jax said...

Even my big gay old brother had that poster AND the dams shampoo with the rope handle.she is such an icon from that time to everyone.
best wishes Farah

takeme2espana said...

I had those shoes she's wearing on that skateboard! I think I was like 5...every girl wanted to be "Farrah"!

meat said...

anyone married to ryan o'neil (sp?) will surely need some sort of pharm. help. she's definitely excused.

i love ff, she's a true icon.

Kat said...

Loopy, yet lovely. I really hope she gets herself well.

bionic bunny! said...

charlie's angels when she was farrah fawcett majors.
god, i wanted her hair! even a lot of us girls had that poster, we wanted to be her!
i've been seeing the ET soundbites on TV the last couple of days, and it doesn't sound good. it's so sad.
i was around 16 when charlie's angels aired.

happy birthday, farrah. keep fighting.

Greg said...

I was 12 when I had that Farrah poster on my bedroom wall in Queens, N.Y. I was in love with her then. What guy at that time wasn't. I'm 42 now and wish this lady the very best in her cancer treatments and peace of mind. She was a superstar when that word MENT something.

Greg said...

I MENT to say that she was amazing when I met her in person five years ago.

It MENT alot that she was gracious when talking to fans on the street.


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