Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Hmmmm. Valentine's Day and you have a brand new boyfriend but for some reason you are spending the most romantic (according to Hallmark) night of the year with your parents. What do you have to say about that Hayden Panettiere?
Eric Bana in Berlin. I just mention Berlin in case it gets you more in the mood then say Eric Bana over at the Arclight on Sunset.
Dianne Reeves - Apollo Theatre - New York City
I think Alexander Klaws is telling us that he might come up a bit short if I were to put him in FFF. Not Javier Bardem short probably, but short.
America Ferrera looks really good here and it is a nice change because honestly she hasn't looked all that great lately. Here she looks fabulous.
It's Rudy Huxtable. I bet you never though Rudy would turn into this did you?
There is something about this photo of John Mayer that makes me think of old 60's British music photos. Maybe the side profile or the smaller door. It is a really good photo.
Wow. Janet Jackson needs to remember to leave time in her schedule to put on the wig. Please. Oh God, make it stop.
Need something to listen to this weekend? Go buy Idina Menzel's new CD. If you do maybe I will show her husband later in the photos.
I love Holly Robinson Peete. She is funny, sweet, and really gorgeous.
Hey Nick Lachey. How is that career going? "It's doing great EL. Hell this week, I am at a Hot Wheels anniversary celebration."
If I took up skating this weekend, I should be able to do this by the end of the month right? I mean it isn't like Mirai Nagasu is that great right? Anyone can do it.
The only reason I am posting the photo of Miley Cyrus is because I like reading the comments of her fans and because I have no idea why on earth she is going to be a presenter at the Academy Awards. The only film she has ever been in is just a tape of her concert. If the Academy thinks a bunch of 10 year old kids are going to sit through the show and boost your ratings, you must have never heard of YouTube.
Did Canadian yesterday so today Australian. This is Les Hill. He looks all happy because he had to take his girlfriend to a cage fight.
Do you think maybe 16 hour days of partying may have led to the unplanned pregnancy of Lily Allen? Just asking.
Happy Birthday Rob Thomas. Next time tell your wife to get you a cake that doesn't look like a big pile of tuna fish.
Robin Givens might be laughing, but you know she is just one broken fingernail away from killing you.
Rick Fox in case you have a thing for retired athletes and all the groupies they have f**ked.
The made me laugh photo of the day goes to Ross Anthony at the Echo Awards in Berlin.

How do you tell them apart when only one Mowry twin shows up at an event?
In case you wanted your loving with a little grey hair. Actually Ted Danson looks pretty good doesn't he? What is he now? 80, 90?
So here is Taye Diggs since I know you are going to go buy Idina's CD this weekend.
How could you ever date Sydney Poitier. You would always be saying, no not the guy.
So Natalie calls Scarlett an evil bitch, and then Scarlett says, "Yea, but I'm f**king Ryan Reynolds."


Cho said...

yep, thats weird as hell about hayden being out with her parents. i hope her and milo didnt break up. i actually liked them together. said...

somebody please tell Rob Thomas to never cut his hair that short ever again.

Moonmaid said...

Sydney's daughter Sydney may have an unfortunate name, but she is drop dead gorgeous!

What is a Mowry twin anyway?

captivagrl said...

miley - i'm sorry. now that i see your fake smile i think i prefer the awful pout.

jax said...

Next time tell your wife to get you a cake that doesn't look like a big pile of tuna fish.
maybe she was trying to inspire him..ya know. next year she'll give up and it will be a giant d*ck with Tom Cruise popping out of it. or tomorrow.

adrian said...

Idina Menzel is from Syosset--same town as me. Last week she was at our Borders here signing her CD. She sat there for hours & hours, smiling. She is just gorgeous in person. She is in my brother's yearbook, & her name is still up on the wall of the Junior High we went to. My lucky son got a nice photo with her.

kellysirkus said...

adrian - do you think Idinahas had work done? she looks much prettier now.

mandythegreat said...

Why is Miley Cyrus' face so WHITE? I mean, it's better than oompa loompa orange, but dang. At least try to match your neck.

Rick Fox looks beat.

Leave Nick Lachey alone. He's just trying to get out of the house and away from Vanessa and her giant bush.

John Mayer looks good. (kill me now)

Does Alexander Klaus look a lot like Dolph Lungren to anyone else, or is it just me? (I must break you)

For the love of PETE, Eric Bana is deliciously gorgeous.

Hayden...bless her heart. She tries.

kellysirkus said...

John Mayer's ginormous head would make any door look tiny

adrian said...

I always said John Mayer has the biggest head I have ever seen. Kind of freaky looking.
If Idina had any work done, it is very natural. I don't know if she did, I just remember in 10th grade every other girl coming in after winter break with a band-aid across their nose--they all got nose jobs when they turned 16.
She is really radiant in person--gorgeous skin, eyes, & hair.
There was a girl in a wheel chair that looked to have cerebral palsy, & Idina got out from behind the desk, posed for a bunch of pictures with the family, & took the time to talk to them, then helped them through the line.

Her aunt was on line, & actually purchased her CD's to be signed..

DNfromMN said...

Um, ent, les hill = yum, thanks.

That photo of Idina is the perfect angle for her. Anything other than straight on, you see her schnoz. I'm sorry, but it's got the oddest boxy shape to it. It's like the volvo of noses.

mandy: he looks more like John Barrowman to me.

Alpine Summer said...

Thank you for Taye Diggs. He is one of the reasons I loved the movie version of Chicago... and that I'm a sucker for musicals.

And, moonmaid, please tell me that Sydney is not SUCH an unfortunate name. Besides the fact that no one in the States can pronounce it (it's an effing city, people!). Of course, my Sydney is paired with another unfortunate last name, so...

francesca fiore said...

Wow, I had no idea Idina Menzel was so beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, I know Lily Allen looks like crap here, but that dress is insanely gorgeous and also happens to be very flattering on her. It should be mine!!

Also beautiful- Sydney Poitier. "No, not the guy..." totally cracked me up.

Ross Anthony totally wins though. That's just so damn charming.

Twisted Sister said...

No one in the States can pronounce Sydney? I had no idea there was such stupidity here.

kellysirkus said...

Twist - you been living in a plaztic bubble the last 7 years? ;)

Alpine Summer said...

Haha, twisted sister. It's always Cindy or Synney or some bastard hybrid of them all. The worst part is that I share the whole name with a poet from this area that has numerous landmarks and schools named after him--and one of our bigger lakes!

Visman said...

Twisted, Does it rhyme with orange? Cause that's how I pronounce it.

Twisted Sister said...

Visman, you win! It's Orange, Ousteralia.

Kelly, I live in an area where we're all edumacated. We know how to pronuncicate a lot of words. Some even have more than four letters.

Alpine Summer, I hardly think that constitutes all of us in the States, but okay.

Alpine Summer said...

Well, I've traveled the States a lot (I'm from here, not trying to be holier than thou art), and I'm not about to say everyone is an idiot because I certainly don't believe that. But more often than not, from sea to shining sea, my name gets jumbled coming out of mouths.

Twisted Sister said...

Okay, so you're no longer saying "no one in the States can pronounce it". Fair enough.

Twisted Sister said...

And Alpine, I hope you know I'm just yanking your chain here and not being serious. ;-)

Alpine Summer said...

I figured as much. I change my tune a lot--I'm flaky, loud-mouthed, and looooooove my plaztic bubble (lol Kelly). I wasn't aware there was a chain attached, though. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

Twisted Sister said...

Chain or no chain. The important thing is, you fit in with the rest of the kooks here. said...

John Mayers looks extra skinny lately...which diet do you suppose he's been on?

Wonk said...

OK, so I'm still going with the old theory that Lily Allen got pregnant by someone else, has HIV, and aborted instead of miscarrying. And that's why she and the elderly boyfriend broke up immediately.

Tikitaz said...

Nice to see Eric, looking deluscious as usual. I can personally testify that he's even more scrumptious up close and that you couldn't meet a nicer, funnier, more genuine bloke.

Stacy said...

EL, if you're going to go Australian could we at least get Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight? Please. I swear this is the last time I beg about him.

Tikitaz said...

Aussie Sam Worthington is worth a pin-up too. :)

Jewels said...

Shudder.... Keshia Knight Pulliam looks like a slightly cleaner version of Scary Spice... Not so nice...

Oh, Johnny, sweet, sexy Johnny... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Oh, I know, it's sick and twisted, but you can't help who the loin goes for, can you? Ooh, I'd rub that giant head RAW!

DNfromMN said...

stacy - o'laughlin doesn't go to many events, probably why Ent doesn't post pics of him.