Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Wife is in London. David Beckham is all smiles back in Los Angeles.
In case you were wondering what is happening on the set of HSM3. Yeah, I don't care either so this is the last you are going to see it unless there is some big sex thing caught on tape.
In the future I think Jessica Simpson should avoid having her photo taken with her sister Ashlee and Kate Beckinsale bookending her. They just make her look really bad. Almost to the point where I feel sorry for her. Almost.
Gwen Stefani says she is having problems thinking of songs for No Doubt. Well she needs to get her ass off the playground and go make me a damn album.

Gerard Butler. Just because I care about each and every last one of you.
Lets see what we have here. Eva Longoria has her hand on Orlando Bloom's thigh which he seems to be enjoying. Or it could be a sock. On the other end we have Jennifer Aniston who allegedly has a thing with Orlando yet Jennifer has her hand nestled between Courteney Cox's thighs. I'm sure it is all innocent huh?
WTF is Denise Richards wearing and I am not talking about her kid either.
Duran Duran - Gold Coast, Australia
Today finally made official what I told you a few weeks ago. Kathie Lee Gifford is joining the program. Look for the Kathie Lee diva stories and how she wants to take over the show stories to begin in about a month.

I honestly just don't care at this point.
I really like Jodie Foster's glasses. That company needs to try and throw some money her way and have her do some commercials.
Jason Bateman just had his first encounter with Eva Longoria. Left the guy shell shocked.
Hot Hot Heat - Gold Coast

I would be smiling too if I took as many drugs as Keith Richards took, and got to live to talk about it.

I know Jackie Warner can kick my ass, but she looks awful here. She looked so much better with short hair. This is also the only photo I found where she is not actively trying to shove out that left breast and let us see that she isn't wearing a bra.
Note to photo agencies: I sincerely doubt that James Marsden's wife appreciates being called and guest considering they have been married for almost a decade. On a side note, James Marsden is now in my top five comic actors. The guy just always cracks me up.
I suppose Jennifer Love Hewitt could wear this if she wasn't pregnant, but the only reason would be so people would think she was pregnant and she could start the baby photo bidding war. Or she could crave attention.

Modest Mouse - Gold Coast

The one and only Margaret Cho.
Mariah Carey's new album is called Touch My Body. Apparently she wants us to know where she likes to be touched.
Madonna has slowly transformed into Martina Navratilova right before our eyes.
Lara Flynn Boyle doesn't really get better with age.

"So, you are going to ride 5,000 miles across the wildest part of Africa for charity huh? Good luck with that. Next time why don't you just send a check?"

Is Turkey so hard up for celebrities that they let Paris Hilton crown Miss Turkey?
Better than a night having sex with Jennifer Aniston.
NKOTB on the Today show Friday morning. Yes. All of them. So much for no reunions huh?
At some point I guess Moby is planning on learning the other curse words in the English language.

Well if Valerie got Eddie I guess Wolfgang can get A.J.

Val Kilmer is down to a svelte 250 now.
I think I like this outfit on Vanessa Carlton but I do have some issues.
The future Mrs. George Clooney.
Queens Of The Stone Age - Gold Coast


Twisted Sister said...

Does Madonna ever NOT flex her arms when photographers are around? What a freak!

The future Mrs. Clooney is all class.

jax said...

-omg i cannot beleive Donnie Walberg caved. how sad.
- Laura FB reallllly fucked her face up. BIG time.
- Sarah Larson you dirty bitch.
- Hot Hot Heat..local boys!!
- thank god orlando got the slime, he acts like a douchebag most of the time.
- what no Paris eats pavement pictures??? it was GOLD! gold i say.
- its official Wills has turned into the creepy, pervy Mr. Burns-like Royal.

Twisted Sister said...

OH - and that's one of the best Beckham pics I've ever seen.

lyz said...

Courtney Cox needs to eat a sandwich.

Is James Marsden the answer to a BI? That was an awful lot of info...married, comedian...

Madonna must be on steroids.

The future Mrs Clooney looks like she's used to that position...

DNfromMN said...

Everyone prep KLG for any future blinds. :)

I can't believe that The Wiggles are so hard up for cash/publicity that they would consort with Denise Richards. She probably offered some charlie-sheen style favors, and looking at them, they were probably desperate for that.

Gerry was looking quite handsome at that nim's island premiere. Thanks, enty.

small said...

Gerard Butler is hot.
Madonna scares me.
Actually, she looks like she could kick his ass. Somebody call pay-per-view.
That's my two cents.

Twisted Sister said...

KLG - I can't believe America has to put up with her again. Ugh.

littleoleme said...

Gerard Butler AND Jason Bateman??!! Commence swooning!!!

IndigoBlue said...

I think I would rather spend an hour talking to Joe Francis than Madonna. I think she is one of the most pretentious, boring people ever.

I don't see the appeal of Orlando. I mean, I don't think he's ugly or anything, I just don't get it.

WTF is up with Lara Flynn Boyle? She looks like she injected her face with chicken fat. She has always had duck lips, but what's up with the chin waggle and CoJo cheeks?

Love me some Jason Bateman! Even if he does have that deer in headlights look in this one.

Reese said...

Martina Navratalova is actually a lot more feminine and pretty than Madonna is these days. Never thought Madge was attractive, but now she's downright frightening looking.

Wolfgang Van Halen looks as though he ate Eddie and Valerie.

IndigoBlue said...

Oh, by the way, off topic, but what about Alyssa Milano for the blind from last week about someone previously on a long running hit show who is trying to squeeze into the spotlight on a new show? She's been guesting on My Name "Is Earl" just a thought.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Dear Margaret Cho,

I love you.

That's all.

H. Hellfire

captivagrl said...

saw Lara recently on Law and Order, she looks like another person....i hope she's not ill.

califblondy said...

Woohoo, I love Jackie Warner. If I liked women sexually, she'd be at the top of the list. Her hair does look a bit better here than it does in the promos for Work Out, but ITA she looks way better with it short. I thought Jonathan Antin did her hair? I don't want to believe he's responsible for this.

Ice Angel said...

Great pic of The Wiggles Ent! Too bad Denise had to ruin it. I've met them on a couple of different occassions and I must say-they truly are the nicest, most genuine group of guys! They usually do meet and greets after their shows for celebs and Make a Wish type stuff. Great guys, but wonder how that pic got into the media??? HMMMM.....

surfer said...

Adding to captiva's thoughts on Lara Flynn Boyle — although all the bloggers are screaming bad plastic surgery, I think she's been ill, and is puffy due to steroids.

selenakyle said...

...well, that would be a better explanation than LFB purposely paying for her face to look that bad. Poor thing, hope she gets better.

Gerard Butler--yummy! Watched 300 this weekend. My hubby got lucky, to say the least...

And I miss Arrested Development, don't y'all?

Irishstayc said...

As for Lara Flyn - I have to agree w/ surfer and captiva - My first thought when I saw her was sickness, not plastic surgery. I hope we're wrong and it's just a BAD botox day.
Orlando Bloom is a douche - he was in my area once and the driver couldn't wait to tell how he was too above it all to speak directly to the driver, he would speak to his manager or publicist or whatever jackass was with him and tell them to say things like " soandso tell the driver i like my water room temperature not iced. And they were in a town car. The driver said he was worse then Joan Rivers... and that's bad. LOL

mmmmm Jasin Bateman!

ewwww scary madonna

Alice.W said...

Okay Jess Simpson doesn't look her best but it's just WRONG to compare her with the two bookends who most probably having eating disorders. Let's stop celebrating bone thin women.

jax said...

if Laura hadn't spent her last 15 years puking and botoxing herself to near death i may agree but i think its bad bad surgery coupled with extreme low self esteem.

oh and humping Jack Nicholson didn't help.

califblondy said...

I remember reading an article years ago where LFB said she knew everytime she walked into a room every other woman hated her or was jealous because she was the hottest thing there. Whatev.

Honestly, if you were ill and puffed up like that would you even leave the house? I won't even go to Wal-Mart if my nose is red from a cold!

I'm sorry, but I think she's taken the Priscella Presley road one too many times.

Karma, ain't it a bitch?

Amber said...

Margaret Cho is just the best! I saw her a few years ago, and hopefully again this year :)

Andrea said...

Mariah's new record is called E=MC2. Just my two cents.

klown said...

I *heart* Margaret Cho. :)

Production Girl said...

Gerard Butler!!! YUMMY!!!!

I like JF's glass too.

I agree with the JS thing.

What the hell happened to LFB's face? could it be a bad angle?

OK!?!?.....future Mrs. Clooney, I do admit she looks HOT though!!!

Kat said...

I don't know where Gerard Butler came from, but good lord, he makes me warm inside.

I knew someone a while back who was involved in the H'wood scene. She said that when Lara was dating Jack, she accidently walked in on him with another woman, who happened to be a dancer/ballerina. Turns out that her ballerina themed Oscar dress was meant to be some sort of message of contempt for him, which I don't think made much of a dent. Just a little anecdote, use it as you will. That said, I think she looks sick, poor thing. The jowls don't look something that are the result of some sort of enhancement. It looks like bloating from medication or dialysis or some such. I wish her well.

Lastly, I try not to get all negative about these stars who I don't know, but really, if Mariah Carey fell off the globe, I'd be okay with it. She turns me off so much that I don't care how great a singer she is. She's a pair of boobs, when she should have just been showcasing her lungs.

Mooshki said...

Hee! Are John and Simon singing, or are they screaming "get me out of here!?"

I don't believe Mimi allows anyone to touch her.

For some reason, the slutty pictures make me like Sarah Larson more. She doesn't look like she's doing it just for attention the way Paris does, she looks like she's having fun.

DBF said...

Am I the only one who is bugged by that scar on David Beckham's scalp? Is that from one of his plastic surgeries?

sillyme said...

I agree with whomever said that Madonna looks like she's on steroids. She really does, and probably is. I can't imagine why she thinks that those bulging muscles are in any way attractive on a woman. She just looks severe and icky.

someone said...

Madonna has been on roids for years, obviously. After experimenting with a cycle about a year ago, I realized how many celebs use steroids and GH.

I would bet my tax refund & stimulus package that the following have used either at least one time in their lifetime:
50 cent, LL Cool J, Jennifer Garner, Fergie, Matthew McConaughy (Lance Armstrong's BFF coincidentally, doing pushups everywhere, although I think he has stopped in recent photos)